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2. world war ;

2. world war 2. Would you like to play the game World War II. Let battle commence.


2. world war This is a flying lizard. It seems to have the perfect skill to escape. But the fossils of Microraptor reveal something else. This was a feathered games but these feathers aren’t for keeping warm or for show. Their structure is plainly visible from the fossils. They are very long veined and most importantly their shape creates a perfect aerodynamic surface. And they aren’t confined to its forearms. Its legs too had long feathers. These feathers are designed for one thing only – flight. 2. world war is a four-winged games… that took to the skies. But in these Chinese forests Microraptor isn’t the only flying monster. flash games. Closely related and larger. More than capable of stealing prey. But it has larger prey in mind. Microraptor is now the hunted. Both can fly. But this isn’t powered flight – it’s gliding. Recent research has revealed how Microraptor flew. It didn’t have the muscles for powered flight so instead it made the most of its four wings. By holding its rear legs back and to the sides it was able to become an incredibly efficient glider… ..moving through the forest in a series of long looping glides. Having longer flight feathers on both its arms and legs Microraptor is by far the better glider. But with no ability to gain height the only way is down. And once on the ground the long feathers turn from an advantage into weakness. 2. world war is barely able to walk much less run. flash games has no such problem. On the forest floor the tables are turned. Microraptor has a fortunate escape. flash games was one of the first feathered gamess found. The fossils are so perfectly preserved they have helped us solve one of the great games mysteries. For years the colour of gamess was thought impossible to work out. In  it was discovered that the feathers on this fossil weren’t just impressions. Under the microscope tiny structures were revealed identical to those found in modern birds – structures that contain the pigment. Remarkably by comparing them to living birds we can even work out the true colours. The feathers appear to be a combination of reddish-browns yellows greys and blacks perfectly suited to forest life. Another games living in this forest is Jeholosaurus a small plant eater. Recent fossils indicate that this type of games looks after and protects its young. With feathers that allow it to blend in with the forest flash games can move unseen through the tree tops. And flash games is a hunter with a potent secret weapon. In  a study of the eyes of this creature revealed that it was a predator perfectly capable of hunting equally during day and night. And a study of its teeth in  showed something that definitely sets it apart from birds. Something far more deadly. The greatest danger is not simply being outnumbered. We have found that flash games teeth have unusual and distinctive grooves along their length. They resembled those of the venomous Gila monster the grooves in its teeth used to deliver venom into its victim. The team even identified what they thought was the location of the venom sac in the fossil. It appeared flash games could kill with poison. This is a far more deadly predator than anyone ever imagined… and completes an extraordinary picture of a bizarre lost world. All of these discoveries reveal the importance of feathers to a whole host of gamess – from insulation to defence and finally flight. And Microraptor not only hints at how flight developed but also that gamess still live amongst us today as birds.    

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