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Play 2039 RIDER Ride your motorbike in this futuristic stunt bike game. Cruise through the future on your tilty bike ramping over spaceships while doing flips. Complete the levels to unlock new bikes.

My parents both died in the hospital.  And we lost everything to cover hospital bills. So, I treat my own self. I read many medical books  and related stuff even in English.  Want me to study more and heal you one day? Game  So! – You do know how to smile.  A hunchback, a martyr, then a Buddhist statue. Put myself on fire?  Not that. A sacrifice fly. Games Cause a big accident and if someone gets badly hurt… He’ll bring in the press and get people on his side.  Know that damn rabbit? The one with big bucked teeth  tagging alongside the boss? 2039 RIDER Yeah.  He’s the boss’ nephew. I’ll get him.  How? You pick a fight with him,  then get stabbed in the gut.  That’ll clear up my debt  and money for you on top. Sure he’s got a knife?  I saw him go around with it. It’s a tiny, little one. – I’ll think about it. – What? Think? Guess my pal’s doing a lot of thinking these days. 2039 RIDER

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