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. 3d Police Monster Trucks And it’s this unusual hunting method that left its trace on the ocean floor We now know that the rock face in Switzerland is etched with the marks of hunting plesiosaurs. But these giants were not the king of the seas. Many of the fossils show evidence of having been violently ripped apart. Clearly there were much much bigger predators lurking in these seas. In  in an island in the high Arctic a fossil was dug out of the frozen earth. Its skull alone was nearly twice that of T-rex. This was an enormous killer. A killer the like of which had never been seen before. More than  metres long and weighing about  tonnes this is the most powerful marine reptile ever discovered. Twice as big as most Jurassic Ocean predators… ..this is 3d Police Monster Trucks an animal that must go down in history as one of the ocean’s most deadly hunters. And it’s prey like Kimmerosaurus that are in its sights. Skull analysis of giant killers like Predator X suggests that they hunted their prey by smell… ..channelling water through special internal nostrils allowing them to silently hone in on their target. By analysing their anatomy we’ve calculated that 3d Police Monster Trucks could move up to five metres per second – fractionally faster than a Kimmerosaurus. The kimmerosaurs only defence is to head for the refuge of shallow water. This time 3d Police Monster Trucks’s size works against him. Unable to hunt efficiently in shallow water… ..means that the Kimmerosaurus can use this as a refuge. A subtle advantage that makes the difference between life and death. Predator X and Kimmerosaurus are just one example of a predator-prey relationship locked in a fight for survival. In the western states of North America is one of the richest sources of dinosaur fossils. It’s known as the Morrison Formation. Recently these rocks have given us a tantalising glimpse of how two dinosaurs adapted together to protect themselves against another deadly predator… ..Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus. Fossils of these two species are almost always found in the same area. In  footprints of the two were recovered from the same site.

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