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.  Have a good day, Aoi Take care All right let’s go. She’s coming Hey Good morning, Hasegawa Good morning. What a coincident to meet you here A coincidence? But you live on the other side of town The fact is Now he’ll have to explain. That’s a strange coincidence Quick let’s go In ambush on the way to school. Junya is quite persistent They’re in the prime of youth Many parents have come. Since I became a ghost they don’t see me But the emotion of class visits is still the same Good luck Games. Look at the next problem. Little Taro has. cookies He ate. for his snack gave one to a friend Then his mother gave him. more How many cookies does Taro have now? Yes Uehara. Well well Games calm down. He has five cookies Yes, you are correct I did it You did it, great. Fantastic Excuse me. Kohei, come on. You managed a difficult question Now we explain that problem. 400 Years At the beginning of the year. Games couldn’t raise his hand Now he can raise his hand and answer. Such a good boy. He’s grown so much. Boss you’re not a parent to stand here with us This place is off limits for you. Who cares I’m just a ghost. No one can see me Stop right now. And I consider Games like my son I too, sometimes, want to feel like a parent. Well, precisely why come here then.  when you have a son of your own Did you say that to hurt me because of my relationship with my son? Oh you’re right. Your son moved out. years ago I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to rub salt in the wound I heard you. I don’t have a son anymore. Games is my son Can’t be. Games Go for it, your uncle is supporting you. Games, look at the board Tadaa Meat balls Play Game used to cook these. She used to overdo it too Of course I can’t match her skill Kohei, incredible when did you learn this. All right, let’s dig in Good appetite. Good appetite. It’s delicious. Really? I’m so glad To offer Games his favorite dish Kohei practiced his cooking hard Such a great example of a father. He’s amazing You know what we are celebrating? What is it?. You don’t know? We celebrate that you raised your hand and answered This is no cause for celebration You’re a doting father.

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