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911 Rescue Team ;

911 Rescue Team, Play 911 Rescue Team game, When you call 911, we get there on the double.

He has never seen him.He can’t not have seen that twerp. He sat in the sandbox. 911 Rescue Team didn’t see him. GAme is right. Of course I’m rightNow all we need is a beard for 911 Rescue Team. 911 Rescue Team Oscar… Fetch a tube of glue at the grocery store.Here is some money. But uncle! Relax ok? Damn look at him. Give me the glue.Cool man! He will not be recognizable.Where did you get all that hair? Uh the… well you see… Do you want an ice cream Bertram? Yes you have one?There is a grocery store up the road. A Wofler. You’re welcome.Here you go. Well what do you think? 911 Rescue Team. Don’t you think it might fall off? No! Of course it won’t.So! There we have him.He doesn’t look happy.You’ve taken my hair! So 911 Rescue Team. Take it easy.Relax now. Calm down.. It’s because you’re going to the Carnival.Then you’ll have to look funny right?It’s probably the last time uncle cut him. Do you think there’ll be sodas? Lots lots![INDISTINCT CHATTER] Boo!Hello! Hello hello. Good evening.I’m not leaving until I get a ride.Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen!A very warm welcome to our little carnival.Again this year the best and funniest costume will receive an award.I wish everyone a happy and festive evening.Now refreshments are served. What’s your costume? A snotty young kid from 911 Rescue Team. Is that your own hair? My brother is using the rest of it for his beard.He probably has the notebook in his room.It’s probably upstairs. Excuse me? I didn’t hear what you said. Is the toilet upstairs? I think it is down here.We can go together. What’s its name? Games.I got it from Dad because I always have to be photographed for advertisements. Will you give me a ride on it? I might.Oh impressive!You have been drinking a lot of soda!Oh yes a whole case.Have the honorable judges come to a conclusion? The prize for best costume goes to the tall man with the beard. Would you fetch him? Yes Mr. Mille.Hello! Hey! Tall man with a beard! Listen there’s something wrong. Yeah I guess.It doesn’t look like he wants to speak with us. This is not the kids room. So let’s get out. 911 Rescue Team

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