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Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend ;

Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend Violent side view fighting game, battle 5 different armies, cutting enemies in half,

Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend Why would anyone think that you could even contemplate killing someone? It’s ludicrous. Have you checked the account? The account? No I mean why would I? To get an idea if this was serious or not. Games It doesn’t matter does it? We’re gonna let the police deal with it. Well? What have we been left? Oh. Do you know it was absolutely nothing in the end. It was just some random old bits of furniture from a cousin that I didn’t even know I had. Oh you’re kidding. No I’m not. How was the hospital? Did your dad get you there in time? Yeah it was fine. Come on. Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend Back to buying lottery tickets. Yeah. Look if it was up to us we wouldn’t be reducing your funding. Reducing? Whatever you want to call it. You’re removing it. That’s not true. If you shut us down vulnerable young men and women will die. If we’re not there to catch them they will fall. Into prostitution. Into drugs. Into the river. And some things in life are just right or wrong. They’re not on a spectrum. They’re not grey areas. They’re absolutes plain and simple. Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend And what you’ve done to us is wrong and you… you… …will have their blood on your hands. I know you’re not sleeping. Yes I am. It’s not gonna do us any harm you know just taking a look. And what do you think the police would say about that? Not rung back yet. They will. Sal I was a copper for years. You’re not doing anything illegal just taking a look. Why would we do that? So we can get some sleep. So we can get some sleep. See. I knew it. It’s a hoax. Try it again. Don’t put caps in the beginning of the names. Oh my God play game. Same again. All lower case. We should try and get some out. Why? See if it’s real. I don’t want to see if it’s real. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re not getting involved in any of the rest. Petrol station’s got a cash machine. Games. This is real. Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend for I have sinned. It is er… … years since my last confession. Since my last confession I have er… I’ve done terrible things. You will have to tell me what you’ve done. I can’t assign you a penance otherwise. Achilles 2 Origin of a Legend

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