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Amuse Park ;

Amuse Park, Play Amuse Park, Free Amuse Park Game Start your own amuse park; make your visitors happy and earn money.

Play Game Wischnewski arrived in Game at midnightand met with the officials of the Emirates … Games Now I’ll ask you some questions my friend.And if you lie to me I will shoot you in the eye .First the left then the right. Or maybe first right. Did you smuggle some informationout of this plane? Left or right? Yes. You think I’m play games ? An idiot? I know exactly what informationyou smuggled. Go into the middle of the cabin. Stop there!Look at me. Now on your fucking knees.Hands up. Your captain betrayed you.He smuggled information outof this plane.He risked your life. Come on tell us! Did you risk the life of allpassengers?Yes. Louder! Louder! Everyone hereshould hear that you are a traitor.Yes. Yes who? Yes Captain Mahmud Amuse Park.Yes Captain Mahmud. I am a traitor! Yes Captain Mahmud I am a traitor. Did you hear this? It is true.Your capitain is guilty. He risked your lives.Where did you learn to fly? In the army Captain Mahmud.In the army? Now lets see what you didlearn in the army.Get up. Attention!Left flank! March stop! Left flank!Now on your fucking knees again.Hands up. Walk walk to me!I am a traitor Amuse Park

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