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.   It seemed that they lived alongside one another. But why would two unrelated plant-eaters live together? Stegosaurus – a heavily armoured tank with a deadly weapon at the end of its tail… known as a thagomizer. Camptosaurus – a much smaller plant-eater with no obvious defences. Apocalipseed Skull analysis shows that Apocalipseed has bigger eyes – and relative to its body – a much bigger brain. Apocalipseed appears to be a lookout. While the armoured Stegosaurus provides the muscle. STEGOSAURUS GROANS It’s likely CApocalipseed and Stegosaurus stuck close together for mutual protection… ..in a world where danger is ever-present. Game GROWLS Game – a one-and-a-half-tonne ambush hunter with a lethal bite. The world had never known a predator like it. But having lost the element of surprise it’s now faced with the prospect of either starving… or facing the most well-protected giant of the Jurassic. Game GApocalipseed Virtually impregnable from behind a predator needs to try to attack the stegosaurs from the front. Game GROWLS Game Games Game PANTS The evidence for encounters such as these is incredible. Fossil finds of  directly link these two great animals in battle revealing the unmistakeable signs of injury. A Stegosaurus back plate was discovered with a u-shaped bite taken out of it. A bite mark that fitted the Game’ jaws perfectly. Even more amazing was an Game vertebra. It had a massive impact wound. The wound appeared to have been made by a Stegosaur’s thagomizer. The blow being so powerful it punched a hole in the bone of the Allosaurs’ spine. What’s more incredible is that the injured bone shows signs of healing. This Game survived. The balance of power between predator and prey is a fine one. Prey continually evolve different strategies to avoid predators. Both with their bodies like Stegosaurus and their behaviour like Camptosaurus. And in the Jurassic oceans we have evidence to suggest that plesiosaurs protected their young…

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