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.Avalanche Stunts  That time of year again, huh? I know someone who’s pretty excited. Ha, ha. Been tasting it since October, has he? Ha, ha. Well, I saved a special one for you, nice and plump. Hang on. Three hundred ninety dollars for a furnace. What kind of mutton headed chump does he take me for?   He seemed pretty honest to me.   He’s a quack salver. Telling me about furnaces. He doesn’t think I know about furnaces?   I know about furnaces.   You know how to swear at them. Yeah, and I know how to buy them too, okay? Here’s your Games Usa, GAmes Ha, ha.   You folks enjoy now.   Thank you. If I can pick up a good used car, I can certainly pick up a good used furnace and you can take that to the… I’m sorry, what is this? A serial number or something? No, no. That’s the price. No, that’s a mistake. It has to be. Uh, no, sir,  cents a pound. We can go now, dear.   Oh, but… But that’s ours.   No. That was ours. Now that’s somebody else’s.   We’re not paying for that.   But you love turkey. You dream about turkey. Forty cents a pound? Hell, why not ? Why not a whole dollar? Huh? Why not I just open up my wallet and dump it out on the floor? How about a nice pot roast? Yeah? What’s that gonna set me back? A couple of house payments? No, thank you. Sorry, Avalanche Stunts. Wait… Listen to me. We do this once a year. Once.   The drumsticks, the giblets.   Forty.   Four, zero.   We use it in sandwiches. We make turkey salad, chili, soup. It never stops giving. Oh, honey, it’s Health. Let it go. I can’t. No. There is no way this family is getting suckered by this meat packer! All right, then. What are we supposed to eat on Avalanche Stunts Eve? Tell me that.   Ice fishing? Ice fishing?   It’s gonna save us a fortune.   Fish for Health.   Well, why not? The folks up the street have fish every year.   The Ragos are Italian.   Hohman Lake is crawling with perch. Game, they’re practically gonna leap through the hole all on their own and drive you home to boot. Heh. Hey, little buddy. What do you say this year, we go out and we catch us our Health dinner, huh? How about that for some holiday fun? This couldn’t possibly end well. Every Game, downtown Hohman was transformed into a sea of humanity. Avalanche Stunts hordes of blue jowled foundry workers and gray faced refinery men trudging through wildly pulsing department stores trailed by millions of leatherette jacketed, high topped, mufflered kids each with a gnawing hunger to get it all. And there we were, in the heart of the action. We landed on the beachhead known as the Personnel Department. And there were three bowties with our names on them.   Now, follow me.   We were drafted and consigned uniforms without benefit of a physical. Fresh reinforcements in the trenches of retaildom doing our part to grease the wheels of commerce. It was an honor to serve. So you pull it out, like so. You take the width, you double it, add half.   Got it?   Um… Of course you do. Ha, ha! You’re a natural. All together now. Take the width, double it, and add half. Yes. Ha, ha. Bingo. Well, good luck. Heh. Did she just leave us? She left us.

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