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If you haven’t played Bubble Struggle 1 or 2, please do so. “Bubble Struggle 2.5 – Mission impossible” is addition to Bubble Struggle 2, made for all of you who finished BS2. BS 2.5 features 27 new levels, which become very difficult as game progresses. Have fun!

She doesn’t understandwhat it’s got to do with it. Bubble Struggle I’ll explain it next time.Goodbye.Doctor… Goodbye.- I didn’t mean… Goodbye. I didn’t mean… Play…play play play… Play play… Just a minute just a minute… Games Come in!Take a seat.What the fuck is he doing?Just look at that idiot! It’s Dr.  Boldrini. He’s giving a speechwhile he’s peeing. You’re stupid it’s not funny. You’re always fuckin’ complaining! He’s crazybut they take us to him for treatment.  Game His trousers have fallen down! The grown-upswould never believe us. Bubble Struggle They kiss his aresbecause he’s a gentleman.He’s talking to his car! I’m going home or they’ll worry.Let’s leave this jerkon his own here.Do you know what the doctordid the other day?He told Mom there wasnothing wrong with me

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