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Good you wait here. You say so Building Demolisher? Yes it is.Is this farm yours? Yes. Well why thosepeople work on your..farm as youbum around here? Who are you? You say this farm is yours ha? I said yes!It’s not. What the hell are you saying? These farms are not yours anymore. These are theirs! They cultivate but you eat! This came to an end Mehmet! From now on we are all togetherboth when we rest and..when we work on the field! From now on we will worktogether and eat together! This farm this soil this tree..this reaper belong to all of us! This farm belongs to Erhanas much as it belongs to you! Don’t behave cruelly it’s useless.Don’t upset your daughterdue to this land this farm!Long live our socialist government! Long live our socialist government!Long live our socialist government! Good morning.Good morning.You could not sleep due to the noise no? Yes.Students organize a protestto support the government.What nice! Early on Sunday morningas everyone is asleep.It’s noon Aynur!It’s not so early.What time is it?It’s near pm.Is the tea ready? It’s ready but. The homeowner will beat the door in a minute. Let’s see him coming! Let’s seebut did you find the rent? You said you will borrow from Fikret did you? No I did not.Did notthe man comes to what will? We will give nothing! What does it mean? That is it! What we paiduntil today is enough!Are you crazy?No I am not.So? The government published a decree.We don’t have to pay more than halfof our income to somebody as rent.What the hell is this? This man doesn’tdo anything apart from collecting rents!What should he do?  This is his house;should he donate this to us? All these houses are him yes Aynur?How can a man have houses? How can a manwho did not work for time..have houses? If you workif are awake you can have.Don’t I work? People like you pay rentsfor their whole life like this. I asked you don’t I work? You work actually you work hard.But this doesn’t help.It doesn’t help as I pay more thanhalf of my income to this man as rent! What is that I won’t pay any rent! OK than we will behomeless after this age. Why will we become homeless Aynur? What areyou talking about Levent for the God’s sake?We will get on the his house yes?We don’t get on anyone’s house.We need a house;and here is a house.This man has more houses!Should we seize on hishouse because he has more?We don’t seize anything!Until todayrulers were on their side.Todaysome people consider us..work for us. Building Demolisher Communists! Yes communists.Levent pull you together please!We can’t find a new houseeasily in such winter.We will just be lefthomeless after this age.You see you said the same thing!We have worked foryears and we depend..on two wordsof the house owner!Just two syllables! If he says “get out”we are thrown to the street.Is this just Aynur?Can you bear this?This is his house; he says get outor enter; he says what he wants.I hope he won’t say “get out”because we delayed to pay the rent. Building Demolisher

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