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By far the deadIiest Richest andmost Respected of aII the Bosses.Nanasahab as he isknown is a Quiet Man.Car Wash Neither I nor any oneknows his where abouts.BaIa Shetty Age years.He is the right handman to Nana Chauhan.He runs the businessin Nana’s absence.Then he used to finish deaIs forNana now he finishes off peopIe.SuIaeman Patni…… Car Wash the OnIy one who actuaIIystays in the Maze fuII time….after the Late GuIKhan LaIa in the ‘s.By far One of the BiggestDrug RetaiIer of the City….Pays over a Two CorerBribe to Cops every year…Most of the timehimseIf stuper of cocaine.SuIeiman Patni… Firstattack wiII be on him.Reason being he is the onIyone who Iives inside maze.Once his area is under our controIit’II be easy to penetrate to areas.Whoever he is deaIing with now……we’II too deaIbusiness with them.PoIice Ministers deaIerBuyers Brokers every one.And you think theyaII wiII deaI with us?Why?! They have weddedtheir daughter with Patni.They aII worship Money…Be it Patni or Usthey wouIdn’t care…Yakub?WiII teII aII the boys toconfisticate aII mobiIes……so that no one cancaII outside for any heIp.How many boys wiII be needed? Minimum twenty games.Twenty won’t be enough.Why?!Even two kids were enough.We were gaining Momentum……whiIe I did aII theimportant PIanning timings…….Information Purchasingand other settings.Yakub in his own unique manner did……the gathering ofArms and Ammunition.Games Every penny we hadsaved in JaiI was used…… in buying weaponry……which we bought fromNana Chauhan’s gang onIy…….and most importantIyammunition was MAN Power.Or rather Kid power.The same power which we feIt…We gathered twenty of mostdangerous boys from the Maze……and started training them.The same training that the Mazehad given us when we were young.By making an army of kids……we were either showingsigns of Sheer Stupidity……or a Stroke of Genius.Fire!!!!Whatever it wasOnIy Time wouId teII. Play Game

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