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.  Who am I kidding myself? I can not sell the house on this market. “Immediate Possession” It already has! Hey, Chip. Good. I’m Games. Caribbean Admiral  Hi, I’m Chip, clairvoyant. In. Thanks. You You must be Flash Games? Yes, well. How did you know? I’m psychic I have many powers all over my body. You played basketball somehow? No. No? No. Your body is made for it. You’re lucky. You’re a very lucky lady. I will ask you some questions. Nothing complicated. Just some simple stuff yourself. How long you are together? Three years. Flash Games, are you happy? Caribbean Admiral  You like to be with her? Yes. Have you ever been with a man? No. You had a good home? Yes. Did you have a Merry Christmas? Yes. Do you like movies? Yes. Have you ever been with a man? Yes no! Steps You like tele? Yes. Do you like girls? Yes. Eat every day? Yes. Have you ever been with a man? Yes no! No! I’ve never been with a man! Well, just ask I just I was never with a man! I’ve never been with a man! I’ve never been with a man! Honey, stops it. I’ve never been with a man! Okay, I screamed a must and a I’ve never been with a man! Keep asking me if I ever been with a man. I’ve never been with a man! Just trying to meet you to know if you have ever been with a man. I sleep on that side of the bed. Yes. She sleeps there. Okay. And I. .. have camera right there. And one night I saw door opening is I felt something paranormal right there. No, she thinks it’s paranormal. I think it is because of “tornado”. Because it creates this vortex. What does that mean? We do sex and I was doing to the A. .. We used circles and those of a Hey, hey, hey! Are you okay? Caribbean Admiral  Yes, I’m fine. Are you okay? Yes, I just Ameth for a second. Okay. But now I’m fine. Look at the door. You know why? Is dark energy right here. Really? Yeah, it’s crazy. I did not know Get off me! Let me out! Comes! Coming! Help! What the Games, man! What the Games, man! Get off me! What are you doing? I do not know. Just happened. I have been so scared. Well, brothers. That’s a simple exercise. All right. It’s scary. Okay. Games, breathe, relax Feel something? No, not really.

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