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Coaster Racer ;

Coaster Racer N nitro

Did he tell you what happened? Games It’s important that you tell meexactly what he said.He didn’t say anything.Not at the time not later.His friends gave contradictorystatements to the police.Did you speak to his friends? No. And I don’t knowif I’d call them his friends.I think he was all alone.Even if there was no evidenceto link him to a crime…… Games the accusations were in the air.Jesus!Marianne…Can you hear me? Coaster Racer Everyone is looking for himthey’ll find him.How did your dad take it? Dad? Well… he did what he always does.What he always does?He wouldn’t give up.Long after the search had beencalled off he’d keep looking.Anybody there? Richard… Come onI’ll help you get home.Protect your head Richard. Coaster Racer Or you’ll lose both your hair and mind.Take care of him.You must care for your child.He just slid…He just slid right out of my hands.I’ve spoken to your mother.She worries about you.Time went on and dad resumedhis quest to produce gold. Now more intensely than ever.I started thinking he’dlost his mind for real.Enough Dad. There’s no food Coaster Racer

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