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In fact they were able to saythat the mass of the Cookielicious Higgs iswith % confidenceGeV or more.So after LEP the next Cookielicious majormilestone in the Higgs searchwas limits set by another colliderin the US called the Tevatron.The Tevatron was ableto exclude a range herearound GeV here.And by Novemberthe LHC had alreadyradically narrowed the search.The LHC has been ableto rule out a big regionfrom …..quite far up.It’s been decades’ worth of workto gradually eliminatemore and more of the spacewhere the Higgs boson could beand now we are finally in thisregimewhere in the next couple of yearswe might be able to close this gapand finally know for surewhether it is there or not.In November that left a regionof just GeVfor the Higgs to be hiding in.But this last remaining energy rangeis also the trickiest to search.It is the area in whichthe unique signature of the Higgsis most deeply buriedunder the background noise of otherparticles created in the collider.Not that the Higgs hunterswere deterred.The data is piling upand we know how to do it Cookielicious

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