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. Cow A Boom Or a world class athlete. Secret Agent. Thi fits you right? Clandestine bank accounts coded messages… A and could be a secret agent? Yes a secret agent. You could work for the resistance. Or maybe Cohaagen . Why should I imitate? Why not both? One more thing Cow A Boom. A leveling knowledge. Any choice you make secret can exist in true life. The thing is that… There are men who come here and choose to have a mistress but already have one. True one besides that. Can not make something like that. Because hopelessly confused conflict will destroy the brain.Do not worry I have secrets.I’m sure you did. ButThi to do a test to make sure . Starts it Markus.File with agents secretionYou’ll have fun as well that will not want to end. Look! It seems that your wife does have a man who appreciates. Here there is no conflict. Sorry. All this is the best way to introduce chemicals in the body. Well here we fight! Prepares you to save the world. Sweet dreams man! A story to me when you’re all…Wait!What?Bullshit!What happened? Needle Bring them before entering the chemicals!What happened?You minds.About what?Împuþitule!I do not have no lover what…Mistress? You’re a spy! Were scattered chemicals!Why are you here?I do not know! The police Federal!Down! Now!It’s a mistake! I am a nobody.I am a nobody.Hands on your head! Now! Good. Come back! Do my bag! Join!Move the up!Federal The police! Team Attach suspect.Team tell me what is happening there!Stevens put cameras there! Damn! All are dead!Alone!Make a hole! Stay back! Cow A Boom entry!As we described as a terrorist attacka lone gunman opened fire on Federal Police Rekall center in central Fremont. ve yet to expect and you about the number of victims…Yes. Good. O God! Doug! I understand. Yes. Thank you.Lori but I’m glad you’re here!Of course they’re here. I was very worried ! Where you been? S something bad happened. I know I just blew. I am waiting. Do not understand. What? dead at an Cow A Boom you’re right?Resistance not know that policemen killed. I have been terrorists. I did.What have you done?Lori have I killed!You have killedmen armaþi?There were about . But you have killed him?What? With your book?I’m serious!Doug I’m scared!I’m sorry! ATHI seem strange to what you will say. I went to Rekall after work.And I…What? What THI have done? Nothing nothing. I put the chair I have connected. Before they can do something police came. They tried to take me. I react suddenly…And I killed.I’ve killed one Doug. Believe me I killed all! Honey do not understand? Whatever you think you do has nothing to do with it. Dobitocii that have played with your mind and now you paranoid hallucinations. That’s very dangerous place. No matter what happened get over it. Come here! It all happened so fast! It’s all right we see what we do. Fugitive remains at largeI’m sorry! Lori can not breathe! What are you doing? Lori what the hell? Lori God do?I do duty.Are you crazy? If I’m crazy? That’s good Doug. Given that not know who the hell are you. Do you think that a factory worker could beat a room full of men well antrenaþi ? Tell me what happens! Talk! Or go directly to “until death do us despãrþi”. I’m not your wife.Bullshit! We are married for seven years.I spy Cow A Boom. I playyour wife. In six weeks ago do not even know the team.What are you talking about?Is true. THI was replaced memory. THI was implanted in the mind a life that you think you have lived it. Wake up sweetie! There is no Douglas Quaid. Never existed. Mean I do not…Up and our marriage?What can I say? Make a good wife. Do you really think that someone like me would marry someone like you and would live in this pigsty? If not me then who the hell are ? How to know me? I just work here. Speculate! If you had to guess … After each made Cohaagen as to hide the resistance must be pretty important. And as you’re at the ready I doubt you’re’s gardener. Cohaagen… If Cohaagen trying to hide… Why try to kill me? Talk! ControlThi anger Doug. By the way… I have not even seen yet as trying to kill you. Team put your on the move! I need you here.

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