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Crazy Soldier ;

Crazy Soldier, Play Crazy Soldier game, online Crazy Soldier, This is a physics puzzle game. Take vengeance on the aborigines for your partner’s death. Shoot them and their buildings down.

She’s not my sister. Crazy Soldier What do you mean ? I figured it out. She looks like my sister.She acts like my sister.She even sounds like my sister but But ?She’s an alien.It’s like she’s a pod personfrom the planet Mars. Chuckling Close but no cigar. Birds ! Mmm ! Birds .Eunice When did youfirst notice that your sister was behaving strangely ? The day we moved inwhich was Friday. Ah Friday yes !That’s when it all would have started. Do you know what day Friday was ? Ah Star Trek weekend on Channel ? Walpurgis Night…Witches’ Sabbath. A day when all the denizensof the unknown cavort.Cavort ? Party hearty Harry.Galwain Trills Party hearty Harry. Oh all right !Harry this is Galwain.Galwain this is Harry Potter Jr.It’s a mushroom.I told you I was a good student.Laughs He’s seen better days.Galwain Gives’The Raspberries’ Now……this wholetransformationtakes about hours…so we really don’thave much time left. WWe don’t ?H arry…Your sister isn’t an alien.She’s something much worse.What is she ? We don’t have time to chat about that now.I’ll tell you about it laterbut for now…I want you to goto your apartment and keepan eye on your sister.Every adult in the world tells me to do that.I’m one adult whohas a good reason to tellyou to do that.Now go on !Shoo.Door ClosesDoor ClosesTroll Snarling Bill WhistlingKnocking On DoorJeanette.Troll SnarlingHey Jeanette.Hello ? Door Bell ChimingJeanette ?Jeanette ? Knocking On DoorNeed any help ? Hi. You must be theprofessor right ?How are you doing ?I’m William Jeanette’s friend.I’ve heard a lot about you.Nice to meet you.What seems to be the problem ?It’s no problem really.She was supposed to meet meabout half an hour ago.We were gonna playsome volleyball but shenever showedup.That doesn’t sound like her.No it doesn’t.I’m starting to get a little worriedto tell you the truth.Knocking Hello ?It seems like no one’s home.I can try the bell again. Bell ChimesBirds Chirping& Doorbell ChimingJeanette hey hello !Jeanette ?HighPitched ToneAaah !What’s the matter ?I don’t know I just got a…migraine or something…like I got hit in thehead with a softball.You want some aspirin or something ?No no thanks. Thanks.Thanks I’ll be okay.Thanks anyway.Okay.Well if you need touse the phone or anything I’mright down the hall here.Okay thanks a lot.I appreciate it. See you.KnocksJeanette !Lock ClicksDoor Creaks OpenDoor Hits WallJeanette ? Play Game, Online games Hey Jeanette Hello ?Door Slams ShutGigglingJeanette ?Hey Jeanette ! Hello !Giggling ContinuesMagical SoundGigglingBirds ChirpingMagical SoundMagical SoundBirds ChirpingLaughterHi Malcolm.Hi Wendy. Feeling better today ?Yeah. Thanks.Why are you standingin the hallway like that ?I’ve locked myself out of my apartmentand I can’t seem to find my keys.Well thedoor’s not locked silly.See ? Come on.Ahh wouldyou like some juice ?Yes. Thank you.Okay.Orange or apple ?UmmApple.I like your house Malcolm.Thank you.You seem to be at peacewith the world around you.What ?Nothing. I said it looks neat.Are you okay ?Sure hon.You’re fibbing.A little.You’re real sick aren’t you ?Does it show ?No. But I can tell Crazy Soldier. I bet you can.Yes I’m sick.And getting sicker every dayso the xrays say.What’s wrong ?Well it’s complicated.Bone marrow and yucky stuff.Doctors have their big names for it.But if you ask methis old body’s just worn out.You’re going to die ?It looks that way.Want me to draw you a picture ?But you can’t die Malcolm.You’re too special.It’s okay.I was getting a little tiredof this old body anyway.Now…do you want straight…or floppy ears on this bunny ?Oh umm…Floppy.Malcolm….Remember when I asked youif you were an elf ?Um Huh !Did you ever want to be ?I did actually…Free Game when I was about your age in fact.Maybe a little older.Doctors talking to my parentsabout recessive genes.I thought theywere talking about pants.It’s funny what you think aboutwhen you’re a child.I just didn’t understandwhat was happening.My parents told me”Malcolm…”you’re just notgoing to grow anymore.”I thought…”Wouldn’t it be wonderful…”if all this washappening to me because…”I was magic…”and not because I was sick ?”I used to sit inmy bedroom and daydream…and wish that I’dwake up the next morning ina land filled with…unicorns and dragons…and flying horses.Special people…just like I was.I kept on waiting for that to happen.And I kept on waiting.Magical SoundKnockingMiss Cooper ?Miss Cooper are you in there ?LaughterTogether MockinglyMiss Cooper.Damn it. I’m too late.KnockingMr. Dickinson ?SquealMr. Dickinson are you awake ?KnockingBarry Barry are you in there ?Duke ? Anybody home ?KnockingHello there Miss St. Clair.Are we having a problem ?Does it look as though I’mhaving a problem ?No. You’re lookingfor whales to harpoon right ?You must be Harry’s father.That’s right.That explains his interestin monster movies.You should have seen me before I shaved.Have you seen’Jungle Jim’ lately ?Duke ? No. I haven’tseen him since Friday.Damn it.What’s the matter ? What’s the matter Crazy Soldier?Everybody in the entire buildingis just disappearing…that’s all one by one.Well it isthe weekend.Do you know whatday it was when they droppedthe bomb on Hiroshima ?It was on a weekend right ?I don’t know.But it would be interestingto find out wouldn’t it ?Who was that ?The Wicked Witch of the West.Honey ha…have we unpackedthe encyclopedia yet ?Second shelf.Harry what are you doing ?Waiting for Wendy.Why ?Because it’smy job to watch her.Don’t you think your’ecarrying the big brother bita little too far ? Crazy Soldier

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