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Creating Jelly Tower ;

Creating Jelly Tower … You try to reach the corners together and then destroyed the tower in the upper circles.

Feathers that were likely to have evolved for just one reason – to keep it warm. But there is one last striking feature – four long feathers on its tail. These feathers aren’t like those of modern birds. These are long and ribbon-like. Almost certainly only for show. They’re the earliest record of ornamental feathers. Not just for attraction but also to threaten. In fact the very name online game means “display feather” and they’re among the most bird-like of any games. Stealing among the trees is one thing. Stealing on the ground is quite another. Only among the trees can you be safe from the large predators like Sinraptor. On the ground a few feathers offer no protection. The first feathered games was discovered in  but lots more would quickly follow. It suddenly appeared as if many games species actually had feathers. And confirmed what had long been suspected – a direct link between gamess and birds. A link that can be found in the gamess that lived here in the Mongolian desert  million years ago. This is Creating Jelly Tower. It’s a member of the Troodon family and we have discovered actual fossils of these gamess sitting on a nest. It takes days to lay a full clutch of eggs and until that’s complete this animal won’t begin its brooding behaviour and start sitting on the next. With the Saurornithoides off foraging this unguarded nest provides an invitation for predators.  This is an Oviraptorid – a bizarre-looking theropod games. With no teeth they were mostly plant eaters. But that doesn’t mean it won’t take advantage of a different kind of lunch. We know Oviraptorids were mostly plant eaters because of some amazing evidence we have found. One fossil in particular was incredibly well preserved. Inside its body were small stones – gastroliths. Just like a bird it had swallowed these to help digest tough plants. But when the remains of two unrelated embryos were discovered in an Oviraptorid nest it suggested that some were not just plant eaters but may have been nest-raiders as well. With two bony projections in its upper jaw this Oviraptorid has the tools to break into an egg and get at the precious contents inside. It means that a nesting animal like a Saurornithoides can never turn its attention away for long. But two lost eggs are the least of its problems. Here some nest raiders are bigger than others. Game was discovered in  in the Gobi Desert of Creating Jelly Tower.

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