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. Cubi Kill 5  but at the expense of the few. Cubi Kill 5 And things are about to get worse for the Centrosaurs. With a flooded river ahead and the Daspletosaurus behind the stage is now set for a massacre. But despite the rich pickings it’s not the Daspletosaurs that are responsible for the scale of the slaughter. There’s an even more deadly killer at work here. Severe monsoon rains have transformed shallow rivers into lethal torrents. The real killer is the weather itself. Recent studies of this dense bone bed indicate that % of the bones are of a single species – Cubi Kill 5 – and relatively few of the bones display any bite marks. The fossil evidence suggests that this was a mass drowning the result of widespread seasonal flooding… an event that we have seen repeated in over  different sites. And when the waters recede new opportunities emerge. Events like these provide easy pickings for predators. But even in the fight for rotting flesh Daspletosaurus’s authority is absolute. Tyrannosaurs in the north and Abelisaurids in the south were the supreme killers of their age. They dominated every continent where they were found. And together they were the last of the killer dinosaurs.

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