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Cyclomaniacs 2 ;

Cyclomaniacs 2, Cyclomaniacs 2 Game, Play Cyclomaniacs 2 games, Flash Cyclomaniacs 2 Game, Cyclo King is back, this time with a quest to save Princess Jennifer from all the original CycloManiacs who have become ninjas in a ninja theme park all the plan of the super villians Longanimals and robotJAM.


Oh those are oldschool vampires. Modern vampires are fun and supercool. Vampires don’t sleep in coffins any more. They sleep in Seattle. [VELMA CHUCKLES] You’re not making us feel better. Uhuh. Says here this place was founded in the th century… …by Abraham Van Helsing the famous vampire hunter of Dracula fame. And it’s still owned by one of the Van Helsings’ descendants. So it’s like a ghost town. No a vampire ghost town. [BOTH WHIMPER] This is the last time we let you pick the vacation spot. Yeah. Relax guys. There’s absolutely nothing to fear. Hey Scoob when have we heard that before? Every day of our lives. You guys worry too much. Well we’re not the only ones. This fair is an abomination an affront to all that is good and decent. [CARNIVAL MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Sign the petition to ban vampires? Like that’s a cause we can support. Mmhm mmhm. Here there be demons. Here there also be corn dogs. Fools. Fools I say. Will you allow temptation to lure you into the fangy den of the bloodsucker? Pretty much. Corn dogs! Corn dogs yum. [Cyclomaniacs 2] Hey Scoob if the food’s this good outside the festival… …I can’t wait to see what they’ve got inside. Guys there’s no such thing as real vampires.. No such thing as paying customers either. [SIGHS] Five more complimentary passes. I’ll be lucky to break even this year. Like not exactly the kind of bite I’m looking for. [LAUGHS] We’re guests of Vincent Van Helsing. He owns… Yes yes. I’m Lita Rutland owner of the festival. I know who Van Helsing is. Unfortunately no one else does. [GRUNTING] [SNORING] [GRUNTS] Imagine a vampire author in these vampirecrazed times… …who doesn’t sell any books. Maybe he’s just having an off day. Yeah maybe. He’s still one of the foremost authorities on vampire history. Perhaps but the world’s moved on from his oldschool vampire tales. Well I’ve read all his books. I think. Well you kids enjoy your free lunch. I mean your time here at Vampire Palooza. She’s friendly. Velma. It’s good to see a familiar face. And this must be the rest of the famous mysteryhunting crew. Guys I’d like you to meet our host… …the world’s foremost expert on vampires… …Vincent Van Helsing. A pleasure. You know I’m also an author. Perhaps you’ve read my books? My vampire tales are factbased. And not that lusty teen tripe that’s all the rage these days. Yeah that modern stuff is way lame. Hey did you guys know Mr. Van Helsing… …is the greatgreatgreatgrandson of Play Game? FRED Wow a direct descendant… of the famous vampire hunter for real? It’s true. My family has been in the vampire business for a long time. That’s why I became a vampirologist. A vampirewhatigist? Uh vampirology is the academic study of the vampire from A to Z. Come I’ll show you. VAN HELSING My collection of vampire artifacts… …go back to the very dawn of the vampire. FRED This stuff is fangtastic. He. Get it? I used the word ‘fang’ instead of ‘fan’. [CHUCKLES] We get it. Wow the ancient book of vampire. I thought only one copy of this existed in the world. You’re looking at it. Check out these awesome stakes. Steaks? Where? Yummy. [FRED CLEARS THROAT] Oh those kinds of stakes. Aw. Look at these vampire jewels. Gorgeous. VAN HELSING Those belonged to an actual Vampire’s bride… …in ancient Walachia. Looks like she scored a wealthy vampire husband. VAN HELSING They’re quite priceless. But those stones don’t compare to the real jewel of my collection. A face to launch million fears. I bring you the dreaded vampire Lord Valdronya. Entombed in glass for nigh a thousand years. Oh my gosh. Wow! Awesome. Looks fake to me. Me too. [BOTH SCREAM] The vampire lives! Guys don’t be ridiculous. His eyes were glowing! Cyclomaniacs 2 Mmhm. You’ll have to excuse them. They tend to be slightly excitable. Perfectly understandable. Lord Valdronya was quite the fearsome fellow in his day. We’re lucky he’s sealed under glass now. This glass is so murky. Ah Velma always the skeptic. Eh it’s my thing. Even if the vampire were alive he wouldn’t get anywhere. This glass is inches thick. If only Valdronya would wake… …I’d have tourists filling this place like back in the day. And I wouldn’t have to rent my property… …to Lita Rutland’s traveling vampire festival just to get by. Sounds rough. Lita’s threatened to pull out next year if things don’t pick up. I’m afraid I may not be able to save my family’s legacy. Then again you never know what will happen. Maybe my latest book will become a best seller. You write books? That’s fu… Ow. Don’t we have a show to see? Ah yes. We’d better get going. The vampires await. [BOTH YELL] Wait for us! Flash Game Our tickets are being held in the box office. Wait here. I’ll be right back. Cyclomaniacs 2 I’ve heard of them. They’re supposed to be the most amazing vampirethemed theater troupe ever. Here game. Wear this garlic for protection. Vampires hate it. Yeah. Whoa whoa whoa you can’t bring garlic in here. Game ‘No wooden stakes garlic or flash photography’. Huh. Well I hate to let perfectly good food go to waste. No garlic on us. Ugh. Gross. Just go inside. Weirdos. Hello. [WOMAN GRUNTING] Ew someone’s wearing some stinky perfume. Cyclomaniacs 2 I don’t smell it. Do you Cyclomaniacs 2? Nope. Cyclomaniacs 2 According to the program… …the members of Fangenschanz are so dedicated to the vampire lifestyle… …they perform only at night. Method actors. [DRAMATIC ORCHESTRAL MUSIC PLAYS OVER SPEAKERS] Ladies and gentle mortals it’s feeding time. [UPBEAT JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] [SINGING] What’s that you hear? The sound of fear Because they’re here Vampires roaming the night What’s that you say? [SNARLING] Can’t be no way [GIRL SHRIEKS] They’re fake? Okay Believe whatever you might But when the moon is full On a starlit night You best all lock your doors up light Because my friend The vampires start to dance ACTORS And they’re all around you Everybody’s coming to play Oh yes they found you And now they’re going to lake you away So watch out lake care Be smart beware Because out there Something’s waiting for you When midnight comes it’s time to hide Cyclomaniacs 2…

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