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. Dance of the Death After the wars no one is so crazy that you come on here.None come close to the damned.Fair enough. Almost there.I feel better?Yes. I… We all seem to know menot just me. It’s weird. I think that keeps the world about him. Yes. He was our advantage. Some of us succeed we went to see the of good. It was the best agent. Excuse me. Hauser he was not perfect. Was a nesimþit sometimes. Just trying to make me feel bad. Can the so e THI has gone. Free! Wants to speak with him privately.Stay close.Good. Mr. Hauser!What?I want to help. It’s sole purpose that you came here. I want to remember.Why?To feel in my skin. To be who I . Everyone aims in life to find out who really is. But the answer is found date not before.That’s how it is every man.But history shows us that we become. The past is a figment of the mind. It fills the soul with remuneration and that and paca us off in the thought. But the heart wants to live now. Search there and you will find the answer. I was told that you have the information we can save everyone. And they told me the same. Memory Firewall. We penetrated.There! See?God!You can retrieve information?I coded. What is this? Hello Games! Thi can not imagine that I was impatient to see you. It’s been too long and you are very hard to find.It’s a trap!Everything stops! Înaintaþi! Go! Take it away! Guns down! Now! Now! Good job! Outstanding! You will be interested to learn that there is no code of destruction.Was a false code.The minds! I’m sorry but it was only way to reach you. As chaos just a man. Do not ever underestimate the power of a man . I do not. Do not!Lieutenant!All right here sir. Defense plans the number of troops Location of all camps and resistance in the Colony. The first wave of attack is in progress. Magnificent! Congratulations my friend! Lift it! Up! You succeeded!You’re a hero!What are you talking about? Matthias is dead Colony will share and all because you too. It’s magnificent! What can you ask for more than a double agent who does not know that is a double agent? That’s it! Hauser’s strength. You’ll need it! Given that were some obstacles in the way. I was beautiful what you did to Dance of the Death. And has been the situation with your soþioara and not to fulfill orders. Look at me! I ordered to bring you live. and to solve it later. But we’ve run up here Hauser. We have helped to overcome and therefore I Do you give a second chance. What do you mean?No!What are you doing?What do I do?Do you bring back the old self. I made a backup copy of Hauser’s memory before sending it to the mission. Before becoming corrupted. Do not! Think about it! Within hours you will be awake and Hauser one before. Loyal patriotic and without mercy. With you what to do?I think you should keep.Leave her her alone! I think the world is very interested in hearing confession Lieutenant Matthias.Never!Cohaagen! You’d be very surprised to see Hauser knows what good to get confessions by force. Cursed be Cohaagen! Have me. Give it up! Give it up! Games Try to relax. Do you promise to end soon. Dance of the Death We will be soon. Meanwhile I have led invasion. I would like to and I can forget so easily.

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