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.  Dead Paradise Games! Pleasant dreams! Deal it Hammond! Do my day motherTrailerer and how you can struggle much. Hurts worse. Phooey Hammond!Rumor was confirmed that the army was mobilized FUB. What should be an operation to capture the terrorist leader Matthias= =seems to be a military invasion. You can see abouttroops climbed aboard “dive”. they prepare to leave to the colony. Governor said alert level three in all districts.Let introduced to the new mission plan all troops. Even right now we are divided all commanders.Excellent! When we leave?As soon as you give the order. We giveorder. And find him and her together.Allowed access to gate . This crew . We have orders to leave. all citizens believe the hostile colonies. Programaþi Androids on violence Again! Colony citizens hostile. Programaþi Androids on violence Are you OK?Yes. Gotta get out of here Dead Paradise!Start boarding the station . Are you ready?Yes!Entire emergency personnel to be present in the station . gravitaþiei Prepare yourself for reversal.guns down! Now! Now! We captured prisoners trying to escape on the th floor. Prisoner escape was reported in the station . Was seen with a man.He is!Solve! Come! And bag! Do what you say!We are approaching the center It’s all right. Are in stasis.Good.Emergency roof can be opened…What are you doing? Hauser have a reason to not open these doors. We’re waiting until we get to the center then go . Phooey!Swap gravitaþia.Hold it!Begin deceleration.Go! Get off! Begin deceleration. bot is going forward.Excuse me!I’m going after them!I Games! If you get to the top I’ll take care of them. You make sure that soldiers are enabled and Prepare the land.Hauser has no way to stop us. I understand youGo after them! Have to get in the station of embarkation. Come! Do not! Hauser! Attach it!The authorities declared a state of emergency. Dead Paradise are advised to unload homes and and go to the shelters outside the boundaries Colony.Mobilizing troopsis ensured. Start phase three. To put them to work! While you’re a disappointment Hauser. I’m afraid it’s time to erase those memories all. Goodbye old friend!Weapons is activated. ammunition chamber is empty.Come on! Loading arms.Comereally think that this will stop an entire invasion ? Not. But I think it will succeed i Look at you! Still lupþi you do not know who you are. Maybe I do not remember who I was but I know who I am. S a saluþi on my wife. Run! Come! Climb ! Wake up! Come on! Wake up! Come on wake up! Wake up…You tell us your fantasy and we Do you implant her memory. play with your mind… Not worth it. Secret Agent. Thi fits you notGood!Hi!I feel better? Yes. I succeeded! Do not! You have scar on hand! I think you and let you go to without a kiss goodbye? Till death do us despãrþi. Is not so dear? A and the ePut the gun down!It’s all right! It’s him.Are you okay sir?Yes. Bring a doctor hereO God!People from all over the colony it went out into the street celebrating what many hope to be finally the road to independence. To start a new page of history after which all feared invasion was finally destruction ‘dive’ an ancient symbol of oppression economic and political. We do not know anything yet about the fate of Dead Paradisen but we were told that perished along with its military forces. God!I know! Hard to believe is not it?Are you OK?Yes.I better.Are you sure?

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