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. You going to get her to quit smoking, too? ‘Cause as long as she’s exhaling, there’s going to be smoke in this house anyway. So if I get her to quit, you’ll quit? Sure. Maw Maw, how would you feel about quitting smoking? Good luck with that. Grab your baby. Let’s get to work. No, I totally understand. Now that you point it out, I do see how she could lose a limb or be killed. I’ll get day care for her, I promise. You know, you could have just said something to us. Tattletale! Hello. Uh, Sabrina, right? Yeah. Oh, hey. Guy with the baby. It’s Jimmy. Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis Am I crazy, or did this place get a little cowboyish since last we… New owner. Apparently, he thinks the customers will buy more food if the employees look like a bunch of jackasses. Oh. Hey, check it out. That crazy lady comes in here with a roll of “dayold” stickers and she puts them on the new bread so she doesn’t have to pay full price. Well, it was nice seeing you again. Jimmy, hold up. Hey, do you guys do discounts on dayold anything else  or is it just bread?  Sorry, it’s just bread. So is this your wife?  Mom.  Mom? I had him when I was young.  I don’t recommend it.  Thanks. Game, could you giddyup over here with that step stool? I can’t reach the top shelf on Mustard’s Last Stand. So is that her? She’s cute. Nice dumper. You gonna ask her out? Not with you here. You should ask her if she babysits. Kill two birds with one stone. Let’s just go. Did Jimmy tell you he’s looking for a babysitter? You don’t babysit, do you? No. My cousin does, though. She runs a day care center out of her parents’ house. It’s on the same street where the dancing homeless guy hangs out. His name’s Dan Dancing Dan. And he’s, he’s not our cousin. Not our cousin. Jimmy, time to get up. Get that baby to day care. That’s weird, man. Weird. Okay, Daddy’s gonna leave you at day care so he can go to work. But before I go, one little smile to get me through the day. Come on. Come on. You’re not going to smile, are you? I know in prison that was a sign of weakness, but you’re out in the real world now. It’s okay to let your guard down. And that’s why weeeee don’t eat glue. Oh, my God, Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis? Excuse me? It’s me Shelly. I don’t believe this. I don’t believe it either. {a}two years ago. So you’re going to call me tomorrow, right? This is so weird. I, like, lost your number, and I didn’t know how to… Wow, that was, like, two years ago. I don’t even… You’re probably married.  Nope.  Boyfriend?  Nope.  Wow. Wow, oh, this is crazy. Well, I see you’ve been busy. Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis, but no ring on our finger? Somebody’s still a naughty boy. Um, yes, still naughty. Was naughty. Trying to be less naughty now. I’m a dad setting a good example. Anyway, I was looking for day care, but I don’t have a ton of cash, so maybe this wasn’t even the best one… Oh, no, are you kidding? For you, I think we could work something out. You still like this? No! Ow! I don’t think that was me. I hope she did okay on her first day. As soon as I get up there, start honking the horn. I don’t want to get stuck talking to Shelly. Hey, looking good, Dan.

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