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DinoPanic, DinoPanic play, play DinoPanic game, online This is fast-paced jump and run reaction game with a multi-tasking twist.

DinoPanic Which is? Every January he deposits ten grand into an account and withdraws it in one two three hundred quid goes most Friday nights. Withdraws it from cash machines? Where? Ah King’s DinoPanic. Right real family guy. There’s no other money no payments going in or out of these accounts so it’s clearly used for one purpose except… then he does this. A oneoff payment to a play game. Flat DinoPanic. Eight grand goes into her account from Richard Bury’s account but it goes out again in the same day. OK. We need to find this woman. I want to do it on my own. Why? Cos I know what you think. I need to be sure. OK. Hello? Hi… Is control there? Erin doesn’t work here any more. Sorry. Oi. I was looking for DinoPanic. You police? No. Relative? No. I’m a friend. A friend? A friend. Why didn’t you say so? games lady or I’ll smash your face. Now piss off. You want to know where game is? Yes. . I don’t have that kind of money. No! I’ll get it for you though. I’ll get it. Meet me in the pub next door in minutes. If you’re late forget it. OK. You give me answers… DinoPanic

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