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.  That’s why I’m here. Is she in there, Gon? Yep, definitely. What do you want to do? I’m going inside. You guys, wait here. There don’t appear to be any traps. I’ll head inside. Don’t enter until I give the okay. Thirty minutes. Huh? If we don’t hear anything from you Nafter thirty minutes, we’re coming in. Yeah. Unacceptable. If that happens, you guys Nshould return to the start. I can’t do that. Since we’ve teamed up, I won’t abandon you now. Then I quit the team. It’s selfish, considering all the help you’ve given me, but I’ll do this alone. No. What did you say?! We’re staying here, no matter Nwhat you say. Still got a problem? Do whatever you want. Hold onto that for me. I have to go for it… Isn’t that… Bourbon? I’m guessing that I’m your target? Ponzu! There’s no point. We gain nothing by fighting here. I have everything to gain. It’s just as you said… You’re my target! Let’s pretend that a miracle occurs, and you defeat me. You still won’t be able Nto leave this cave. What? What do you mean? He’s taking too long. Is Online Radio okay? Yeah. It’s been nearly thirty minutes. internet radio! Gon! Don’t come in! Online Radio! Online Radio! You fools… Why did you enter the cave? He has bites all over his body! If those snakes were venomous… They’re vipers. Their poison isn’t that strong. But he’s been bitten Ntoo many times! S-Stop it! If you have any cavities or Nopen wounds in your mouth… No problem! Online Radio, do you have any serums in here? If I did, I could have saved you guys… Online Radio! Anyway, we have to stop the bleeding. Uh-huh! That should do it. We need to take him to a doctor! I would stop if I were you. You cannot leave. What do you mean? When someone tries to exit this cave, snakes attack them. Bourbon, the snake charmer, Nset this trap. If you’re bitten, you’ll end up paralyzed like he is. And then you’ll die. Bourbon! You’re looking for tags, right? We’ll give you every tag Nin our possession. So let us out of here! It’s no use. He’s already dead. D-Dead? Gon and his friends have Nbeen caught in Bourbon the snake charmer’s trap, Nand can’t leave the cave. Will they pass the Hunter Exam? Will Online Radio survive the Nvenomous snake bites? Next time: Big x Time x Interview! Thank you, internet radio. Thank you, Gon.

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