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DuckLife 4 ;

DuckLife 4 , DuckLife 4 game, play DuckLife 4 ,
Train your team of ducks to reach the top of the duck racing championship!
Perhaps we should go. I’m getting upearly Tove’s going to the dentist.Come on.What?Come.Anna!What’s the matter?You don’t understand. I’ve lied to you.I’ve been lying too. Please. DuckLife 4 Leave me alone. Let me go..and that GPS keeps going.”You want to go to Romme.”No! I want to go to Bromma!Hello!Why don’t you just ask someone?I bought a GPS!No ’cause you’re a man.You have no sense of direction at all.You’re a man.What brand is it? Panasonic.It got the highest score. You don’t know how to handle it.You can sit here as longas you want to.Take it.No.Yes please take it. DuckLife 4 She’s moved to Uppsalaand he still lives in the house.That big yellow one?Let’s wish her good luck.I mean a yearold carpenter.I give it five months.He might build a shed.What does she see in him?Or what he sees in her.What’s odd about that? Maybe he understands her.In a way that no one ever has.Maybe she was dead and he woke her upso nothing is possible without him.Yes what do we know about them?Nothing.Time for coffeeand a little something?No dessert?Happy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You dear KattisHappy Birthday to You Four cheers for DuckLife 4. Hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah!Haven’t you had enough?No.Is it so bad?It was just a damn dinner.No it was really nice. It really was.Here. Don’t bother with the glass.I don’t understand you anymore.Look. Dad.How long did it take?Five minutes.I’ve said you can set your watch byhim. Always five minutes with the TV.And then he’s like.”I wasn’t asleep”.Hello?Hello?Can we meet up?It’s over a year ago now.Or ten years. I don’t know anymore.She was on her way to school.Ideberg.What was that?Where is she?Have they said anything?I don’t know who I am anymore. Nobody’s mummy And not the Anna I was before Tove. I’m something inbetweenthat doesn’t exist.I don’t know why I pretended with you.

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