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Earn To Die ;

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Well I’m not afraid of that popgun. That probably shoots corks.Kazakoni yourself.Got a long way to run fellas!You leave my machine alone.Stop I tell you!Wait a minute fellas.What do you meanWe’ve got a long way to run.We don’t have to run.We got a car outside. YeahYeah Games .The keys are in my pants upstairs.Would you like to go get themWell like you say Moewe’ve got a long ways to run.Wait wait wait!Martians!Flying saucers!FBI Never mind the clerksI want Mr. Welby.Welby here.Mr. Welby I talked to you before.Professor Danforth.Yes professorwhat can I do for you this timeThat butler I told youwas after my inventionWell he’s from Mars all right.I just caught  games him talking to his bosson closedcircuit TV. Earn To Die I tell you they’re coming after uswith scads of flying saucers.Send someone right over.I’d love to professor but unfortunatelyall my men are busy right now play game.We’re rounding up a herd ofmaneating caterpillars from Venus..that are trying to crush city hall!What’s the matteryou a nut or somethingMr. WelbyMr. Welby come back!They’re gonna blow upthe whole world.Hollywood television studioStage . The Three Stooges.Somebody’s gotta listen!Come on fellas we’ve got lessthan an hour to make our TV show.Let’s go! The studio! Follow me Earn To Die boys.Ladies and gentlementhe Three Stooges Scrapbook!And now from Hollywood California..The Three Stoogesare on the air!Hello everybody it’s a great pleasureon this momentous occasionHey hey you’re stealing my line.Okay say it.On this monotonous occasionI knew it whyHey this is getting monotonous.It’s momentous.He got it too.And now youngsters get set for thatmad zany Three Stooge cartoon.Roll the film go go go! Boy are they ugly.Especially the one in the middle. Earn To Die

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