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.Earn To Die 2012 Thank you to me and you.Earn To Die 2012 is asked to appear at the head of production. Any news?Right now I know. Come on keeps me on fire. Will use someone outside the factory. Look as I look at me ‘re more qualified than Trailer they bring. So what’s the problem? I worked on broken in the last quarter. We stayed overtime I exceeded the norm. You know how it works. You’re in the Colony he of the Earn To Die 2012. He has a good education and necessary cells. Good… What are you saying? If there are on the assembly line one to go crazy! I am so sorry Doug.I did everything I could.Right. Thanks for trying.I had a busy day. I went to bed early. Sweet dreams Finally! Cheers!Cheers!Hello pal!Hello!How do you feel?I had days and better.Lori working tonight?Yes? Murry give me and him drinking. You have learned to Cantha the piano? I always I wanted to learn.What’s with you today?What? It’s all about promotion all day of mind was elsewhere.I’ve had a dream…Have you dreamed? Yes… I feel I do something. Something… something that matters something important you know? No not really. Do you think we’re doing is not important? Really? Come on Harry! Drive through half the world for a job sucks. For the wages of shit and come to this bar sucks and drunk our beer sucks.No offense Murry.No bathrooms. You’re just happy the life that you have?There’s something wrong with it?No you’re right forget it. I… Forget it. Well huge rad see you tomorrow!Want my advice?Say it. You to solve problems that go prior to THI make cabbage head. It is possible to be drinking too much. Yes it is possible Harry.I’m going to vomit.Good. And you’re going to put things right thi…And I’ll go home. Have you heard?I think everyone heard you Harry.Goodnight Dougie!Good Night! You seem to seek something. That be? Everything is allowed here. Believe me Earn To Die 2012 gonna Thi wants you to have three hands. Looking Rekall. You know where he is? That way the “steps to heaven”. Thanks! Welcome to Rekall!Is the first time Come?Yes.Is not that obvious?Does not matter. Why did you have to be afraid. It’s a safe place. My friend gave me this book business card. She said to ask the Mac.Is straight forward.Thanks. Do not forget you feel better!Welcome!Hello!Are you friends with Marek?Marek… Yes! Yes… We… are coworkers. Ls?That eAnd is that in true life? Life is only what the brain perceives. Eyes see and chemical processes in the brain reacts . This removes the middleman and go directly to chemical processes. E less real because of it? No matter how convincing an illusion an illusion still remains. You’re right! Objectively speaking you’re right. But inside… is subjective! Make sure it’s the total opposite. I understand understand. You’re here because I feel that Thi missing something. Tanja’re after something more.November that we give something toThi. That’s how you say? You could do something notThi Thiyou could afford. Secret Something you always wanted to try but you never dared.What do you mean secret?Any. Tell us your fantasy and we’ll we give Thi memory. Do you want to be rich and famous? Revered by millions of people? Maybe something with more adrenaline.

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