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Control : W A S D

. I know but I had no choice.I know it’s over processed a and the eshould I put my nose to what he said?It’s true.Hauser I searched…Do not tell me like that! My name is Effing Worms: Xmas I was born on August . I was raised by his mother who died of cancer ten days before you areyears.I married my girlfriend…You were born on April th! Brought upyour father not mother . He diedyears before you do but in a car accident. And believe me you are not married! Nothing is logical. All I know is that is Doug Quaid.I recognize the you!A dream.I saw in a dream.It was a dream. It was a memory. How do you think you chose that scar on hand?You know?I want to work. Trying to help you escape but I was too late. You Hold Me and a glonþ passed through my hands and yours. Effing Worms: Xmas You have to remember anything. So you and I was… Yes. Should get out of here! Damn! Come on let’s go! Effing Worms: Xmas ?What are you doing here?I have sent for you.Do you quench.Who sent you? Did not you understand. I was not sent here I have sent in your mind. Listen to me!Paranoid dissociative experience hair.What are you talking about? Do not know in this place Doug. You’re the Rekall tied to a chair.Nothing is real.The Rekall? Mind! Quiet and up! What are you talking about Harry? I have sent in your mind using chemicals . They thought that a familiar face help to bring you back until it’s too late.Before you get stuck here.Just trying to find out what you have in mind. Lori!Why are you here?And she’s here.Why are you here?E with you in the room. Keeps your hand.Is white as a sheet of concern.He tried to kill me! Lori not true! As heard what happens to Rekall came directly. I had been a call to service. Loves you Doug! Lori was not at work last night Harry!Minds! Why?Just because you want to lie.Agatha you of this illusion.I remember! Harry! Swear that… Put her down Harry!How are you Harry?It’s an illusion! Finished? All right. Tell you what. THI have now proved that not lying? I’d have done it in reality? Try to manipulate you like to give in!Gotta get out of here!And where to Take? You can not run from his own mind Thi but you can get rid of that apple basket and if I to help you.How to help me?Do not listen! How can I help? You have to shoot you Doug.What did you say?I knowThi asking too much. But it is the epicenter of all illusions.Hauser!If you kill us solve anything. You’re the one who needs to choose real life. a shot and I promise that you’ll find thi and I’ll find near you. And the other side Do you will see beautiful and loving wife. I want back Doug. I want both. Mobilize yourself and come back to us! Come back to us Doug! I can not let you take me to. I’m sorry! Of course it can not do it. It’s not true! RemainNow you too toThi prove it. Kill it Doug! Put apple basket end this guy! a shot! Kill her! Fire! O Lord! Phooey Harry! Are you OK? Is’re there dear? I should tell you Hauser right? Geek to me. I thought a failure. But it seems that had to do with the best agent in life. Cohaagen wants you back. I think still believe in you. You were always his favorite. All you heard was the agency’s how good Cal Hauser. But I’ve read you. You’re a traitor Hauser!And traitors are anihilaþi!Come on! You better kiss it goodbye your girlfriend. Whether one bothers to those lips where they walked. I’ve had enough! I’ll come HAC! Gloanþe No more! Go! Go! Do not! Come! Damn! After them!There!Holy shit! Give me the gun! Supervises the it! Take my hand! Descend? Effing Worms: Xmas! Come on! Let’s go! Stop! Now! Yes’ Well you know you choose to thi! Come!In connection with recent events police found alarming new evidence that demonstrates what many suspected Cohaagen of administration The fact that Matthias and his terrorists are finanþaþi Governor Colony District and its administration. Now we have unconfirmed news about military mobilization.Chancellor not confirm nor deny rumors . Resistance should…Get to Matthias!How did we find?I know I like. Come on! Sure is reliable? Yes!Welcome home!Good.Doors are closed.Cohaagen seek it every day and Effing Worms: Xmas. Do not you ever finds is not there because .

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