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.   Well, one of your daughters’.  Only got the one that I’m aware of. Yup, right, okay. Well, I’m a friend of Aubrey’s. Yes, well, may I speak with her, please?  Hello? Epic Battle Fantasy 4?  Speaking.  Well, hey, it’s Dave. Yeah, yeah. Hold on one second. One second. Hi. What’s up? Well, nothing much, actually. I just… I got home safely, so there’s that. Rest easy, I guess. But I just wanted to make sure that you were cool. You know, that everything was cool with, you know… Yeah.  Yeah, everything’s cool?  Yeah. Great. Good. Sweet. Well, okay. Well, hey, I also wanted to say… Well, or ask you what are you doing later? I don’t know. I think I’m gonna go to a movie with internet Games.  internet Radio?  internetGames. internet Games. Of course. That’s good. That’s funny, though, because I’m going to the movies too. Epic Battle Fantasy 4 But we’re going to Old Orchard. Well, that’s where I’m going.  Then I guess I’ll see you.  Maybe.  All right. Well, cool.  Cool. Later. I think that went pretty well, right?  Can we finish this?  Listen. I’m not gonna lecture you on parenting. You stick to your area, and I will stick to mine. But let me just say this: We all knew at some point I was going to have a drink. It’s inevitable. I am a teenager, and this is America and isn’t it better that I do it here, alone in my room with a glass of wine rather than at some party, doing shots with some date rapist? Or when I could be killed in a fiery car accident?  Well?  Look, this isn’t just about wine. This… You spilled it. You… I don’t even know. What was the question again? Can I go to the movies, or are we gonna punish me for being responsible? Really? You may go. Good. It was a good talk. How you doing? Well, you know, I’ve been better. I’ve had a really rough week, emotionally. And I’m telling you because I might not be, like a ton of fun tonight or… You’ve been crying. Anyway. How are you? Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Fine. This is so not cool. What am I doing here, you know? She’s gonna think I’m stalking her like some weird, creepy nerd. Remember Aaron Finklestein? That’s gonna be me.

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