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.    Not at all Aoi The teacher himself said it was a tough one I studied very hard Next I want a medal at the athletic competitions All right a medal Games is really ascerting himself. He’s in that phase where boys grow selfassurance. If your mother saw you, she would be happy. Course I’m happy. Escape from Yepi Planet Play Game was always so worried about you. Right. Choko, you have no cause to worry now Games is growing stronger now You can be at peace As Games grows up Your task here is drawing to it’s end I have a feeling that little time remains for me to be by his side If I grow up. Play Game is gonna leave me You have such a warm hearted family. Right Games The athletics training starts today. I’m looking forward to this. Since in elementary school You started athletics Go for it What’s wrong Games? Yesterday was such a success There’s nothing wrong. Have a good day. Have a good day. Why is he down? Back to to your position What’s the matter Games? Escape from Yepi Planet Don’t give upAll right. Maybe he ate too much this morning. Who can answer this question? Ito It’s. Definitely something is funny What’s wrong with Games? I’m always by his side I thought I could always understand him Now I have no idea. what’s burdening his mind No need to worry. Boys go through a rebellious phase A rebellious phase in elementary school?! Just because your son left home I’m so sorry Good for you, you can still repair things. Unlike me Your son after that. never called again? He doesn’t even know I’m dead That bad. Obviously your problems are more serious than mine I wish I could do something All right now MaryChan. I gotta go Where are you going? A visit to my home. Isn’t that good? Sure in that case, I too Why would you come? Escape from Yepi Planet It’s a rare occasion. You’re always at my place. Time to return the courtesy “return the courtesy” Here it is Such a big door It’s nothing. No need to fuss, just get in All right, I hope I’m not disturbing. You have a great place. Thank you for being always so hospitable Rather I’m always hospitable The same usual mess It was different when I was alive What are you doing? I regularly come to check if everything is in order.

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