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Facebook Girl ;

Facebook Girl

If waiting for him and he will come.Certainly.Help yourself.I leave the cigarettes so sad …EIEA we sold the icon?Is it old? Not for sale.- I understand you do not need the money here.And if you change the ingredients? I say that is not for sale.The call is ended.Well as you say. Thank you for bread and salt.Pokazaæeš us the way?Do not wander.Games.Take food.Do so EIEA. Silently their brother.How they survive here?With God’s help.What deèakovom mother? Do you need to know?Grandpa Grandpa!Oho! Dotrèao the candy?’re Fast their brother!Take it.Here’s more.I?Go.This is a discussion for adults.Hurry up.Grandpa stealing is your God!Give an icon.Right. Goodbye.You’ll find the way.Icon!Leave a grandfather beloved home you plague!You saved me.Santa you have a hundred yearsand almost strangled me not.Well fear not.You and I have company.And I grew up without a father.Healthy living.He will give you the court martial soldier.Forgive him èika Sasha.What is so terrible that?Do not well all I will for youwork for free.I have an aunt in the village. If necessaryI’ll go to it and make money?Do not give it to the Court èika Sasha.Hear Železnjak?She gave the money to you.Èika Sasha and kumim!Please do it on the court!Please do it on the court!Well go to the barrackshis ears his underwear.I see.Seryozha!Comrade potpukovnièe …Danilov has brought a whore.- Shh.Permitting.Potpukovnièe Comrade Captain Danilovoccurs upon making the commandments!Tolja.Smoking cigars Facebook Girl …Requires peace.In particular mood.And that my dear …whole philosophy.Boom meditative spirit.Right Facebook Girl? Requires posveæenost true.play game there were no prostitutes.Saturdays are busy.I waited waited and came back.I was informed that you brought a whore.Slowly Tolja not shout. This is from the village my nephew.I thought that working in the kitchen.You know how there are no jobs in the countryside …How to Alexandra Sergejevièu …You’re an experienced officer in the war.Commanded you to bringlady low moral standards.And you You bring us your nephew.If you were not brought and aunt.Or goats- No Tolja I can not …I say – bring me a whore.Terribly obscenefor the fulfillment of all my poroènih …And he brought neæakinju.Is this normal? Now we will be to bring’ Daughter of the people’?Games .Then I put it in the cafeteria?Let us go away.- Go.Lord Jesus Christsave Grandpa I pray.Lord Jesus Christsave Grandpa I pray …

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