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Flowers for Mommy ;

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Stop doing that thing with your eyes.Very good. Okay have a good time. Flowers for Mommy Good night Fran. Bye.- Bye-bye. Good night.- Bye.Oh. Shoot. What do I do if I need protection? Tell him the Olive Garden story.Oh good morning Miss Fran.Is Mr. Peter’s date still going on?I don’t know. I’m tryingto figure that out.I’m hearing some rustling… play Flowers for Mommy or wrestling.Who knows what two men do? Oh miss Fran why do youtorture yourself like this?If we stand at the windowby the built-in barbecuethe sound comes from the bathroom.Why are you so interested? Because if Mr. Peterand Mr. Sherwood hook uphe might make us a franchise.  And that would mean more money for me. Flowers for Mommy You us the whole familia wins.Good morning.All right enough with the chitchat.- Is he in there?- Who?”Who?” Pat Sajak.- Gregory.- Oh no. He dropped me off last night about .Oh God he told the Olive Garden story.- How did the date go?- Oh it was great.Well did he make a move on you? Define “move.”

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