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Please Game Full Screen Play.  ENTER FULL SiZE


.   Yeah. Hey.  Free Games looked good.  Didn’t he?  Yeah. Wait. I don’t understand. You leave the ring there overnight? Yeah. Well, how does a ring cleaner carry the kind of insurance premiums to cover  Don’t worry about it. It’s picture time. It’s picture time. I’ve fixed the glitch. We’re good to go. We’re ready to roll. Let’s make some magic. I’ve forgotten  do the three  Gamess come before or after the strobe blows up? Hold still. Hold these positions. Here we go. Fractured   Telephones ringing      Games,  Games,  Games   All right. Everybody just stay where you are. This is nothing. This is a small timing problem.   Fractured    Laughter   Online Games, if you even say one word  At least the strobe didn’t explode.   Explosion   Aaahhh! All right, that’s it. That is absolutely it! Hey, where’s your ring? It’s at the cleaners. It’s not at the cleaners, you idiot! There’s no such thing as an overnight ring cleaners! Gordon and I broke up, which is just the most recent in a series of recent humiliations! And I’m okay with it! I can take it! But this is really the living end. I have seen enough to know that I have seen enough, and now I want something good to happen! I want something good to happen before the day is over,  and I’ll be the judge of what’s good!  Dana… One good thing before the day is over, I swear that’s all I want! Isaac: Hey, lady. Are you thinking about getting my show on the air anytime soon? Isaac.   Cheers and applause   When did you get out of the hospital?  This morning.  Man: First team in the studio, please.   Shouting   lsaac! Would you like to watch the show from your office?!  Why is she shouting at me?  Hang on. Before anybody goes anywhere, I’m gonna give it one more try. Dana   What the hell is all this?  I’m taking a picture, and you’re gonna be in it. I need a minute. Five minutes to air. I just need one minute. I know I can get this to work. Here it is. Here it is. Last batter. . Here comes your ninthinning rally. Fractured, Will, can you get me sound on ?  ?  Yeah.  You know, lsaac…  Yeah? Online Games and I were talking before and, well…

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