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.  Gear of Defense 2 Shoot it, Tom. Shoot it. Come on. Wait, wait, wait. Vinny. Online Gear of Defense 2. Bulger. Holy shit. It’s on. It’s on. It’s actually happening? Yep. Oh my God. This is amazing. There’ll be cake and everything, Bulger. Whatever. Tom, are we doing presents? You know I don’t do that sort of thing. You, Kate. What did I tell you about wearing those boots in school? Not to. Not to. Footwear is supposed to be black or brown. How’s it a uniform if there’s a choice? This isn’t a conversation. I’m not asking you. What are you now? Emo? You’ll dye you hair pink next, and a nose ring. And then there’ll be the drugs. And five years down the line… you’re in a bedsit by yourself eating your own hair. Oh, it’s funny. Laugh it up. That tickled you, did it? a. Four o’clock. Detained. I’ll be in to check on you. You’re not laughing now. And here. If I catch you with those boots again, it’ll be a letter home. Hey! He’s such an asshole. Hi, Gear of Defense 2. Oh, hi. How you doing? I just got detention. Remember that time in Gear of Defense 2 class when she gave us detention for laughing? I’ve got something for you. Having a party? Yeah. I don’t know about this Saturday yet. I might be going out. Oh right, with friends. Yeah, just some of the internet Gear of Defense 2. Well, you can invite them, too. There’s plenty of room. Yeah? Sure. OK. I’ll say it to them and see. Dress code for Saturday is smart casual, so I don’t want to see those shoes, or I’ll be sending a letter home to your mammy. Gear of Defense 2, maths, yeah? Yes, sir. Chop chop, yeah? You little Trailerer, you. It was completely offkey. Why are you still here? Jesus, didn’t mean to scare you, Tom. Looking very sharp. Any plans for the weekend? None yet. Are you gonna play that card? Well, we saw the event page. You invited everyone to come on My Face. No, I didn’t do that. Are you lying to me? No. I can see it in your beady Trailer posh eyes. You’re lying, Tom. Me and the ATB will come to your house. Do you know who the ATB are? All the boys. All the Trailer boys. Come on, Sarah. Give ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ his birthday present.

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