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.  I thought we were going shopping. Just one quick stop. I went through those old newspapers out in the garage.   Mm hm.   Old real estate listings. A lot of people remodel after they buy.Gibbets: Santa In Trouble. Wanna know who the future belongs to? People with information. You just missed out. Yeah, they hauled the old one away last week. See? You hear that? What’d I tell you? Aw, she was a beaut too. A vintage Santa in Trouble. Yeah, they put in one of those new central systems. Heats and cools. Don’t we have a Jackman Henderson? He can’t stand ours.   He throws his tools at it.   It’s still a reliable brand, dear. I don’t see why we can’t get a new one. You were so frustrated yesterday. But he thinks he can fix anything. Last year, he thought he could fix the fuse box.   We didn’t have electricity for three days.   That’s enough, dear. We had to throw out everything in the fridge. If you come across another, maybe you can give a holler.   I’ll keep you in mind, okay?   Thanks. We can go now, dear. Did I say something wrong? You didn’t have to tell him every detail. By the way, you didn’t have to throw everything out. The condiments kept fine. He dragged her to two more houses that afternoon. And five the next. Please? Wait, Schwartz, double it twice, right? No, you idiot. Double it then add half. All right, next. I want to know where my tea set is. Uh, ma’am, please, be patient. You try being patient with a  week old. Mommy’s here, pumpkin.   I’ve been waiting for  minutes.   Yes. How could she just ditch us? Where the heck is she? Heh, heh. Peace on Earth.   Where are my…?   It’s the wrong package. Please, everyone, we are doing our best. My baby! Where’s my baby? Oh… You wrapped her daughter? I put a pink bow on it. Follow me. Observe. Excuse me, miss. Care to sample our new fragrance? Mm hm. Mm. You think you can manage that? Ooh. Miss, would you care to sample our new fragrance?   Mm.   Oh! Definitely not. Oh…   Sample, ma’am?   Yes, please. Thank you. One second.   Sure.   Oh, I’m so sorry. Here, here. Here we go. Um… Hmm. You better run! So you owe us for the mannequin a refund for that baby’s mother, of course. Oh, the broken stemware upstairs. You really hit the jackpot on that one. What you’ve earned is in this column what you owe is over here. Well, at least we didn’t get canned. You’re not kidding. Talk about a break. Because he felt sorry for us. If you ask me, being pitied is a pretty good way to go through life. Hey! Santa! Hey, you’ll get your money. We all got jobs, and our first day was today. So far we’re at minus $. What are you blabbing your mouth for? Now, just stamp both copies file the yellow one in the tray and send the pink one off to shipping. You think you can handle that? Not inspiring confidence. Oh, the old man prepared for ice fishing the same way Attila the Hun got ready to plunder the Balkans. There would be no prisoners on Hohman Lake this Game. Six inches, not a whit more. Don’t wanna tip them off they got company, right? These walleye are crafty bastards. How come we’re the only ones out here? Well, maybe because everybody else is a sucker who doesn’t mind spending  cents a pound for a bird that can’t even fly.   But not us, right, pal?   Sure, Gibbets: Santa In Trouble All right, now let’s catch us a big fish. Hm? Can we go now? We just started.   It’s so cold.   It’s not cold. It’s crisp. Fishing is all about patience, son. Buck up. The sun’s coming out, huh? Gonna be a great day. This is why my brother Randy still lives in Fort Lauderdale. I knew it. It’s my jigging. Technique’s all wrong. Gotta move the pole more. Right? Raise and drop raise and drop raise and drop. That’s how you get them to come up to the top. Tomorrow is the day, little angler. We’ll get out there bright and early, huh? Help me. Parkers. It’s your dime. Why, yes. I am indeed. Let me get a pen. Sweetheart, you should be honored your father lets you go with him. Gibbets: Santa In Trouble didn’t get to go fishing till he was well past puberty. Gibbets: Santa In Trouble has all the luck. Absolutely. I certainly will. Yes, and thank you. Ha ha ha. What’d I tell you? That was the contractor we met.

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