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Gizmo Rush X Nitro

.  This cost me a Iot of money. What is it? Your informant. Who? I think you guys are paying Game Reyes way too much. Don’t believe me? Give this to Jaime he’ll get it. Unless he’s in on it. There’s a Iot there. Bank accounts transactions. Take a Iook at the deposit dates and match them up with the hijackings. Let me see your hands. Soft Iike a woman’s. And he’s Games me with them. Let me ask you something. Do you Iove your sister? I don’t have a sister. Ophelia’s not your sister? No. You’re cute Iambioso. You can go now. Like I said follow the money. I need to talk to Gizmo Rush. She told you whatever I need. I’m sorry. What I said the other night was stupid. I can’t sleep and I thought it’d be nice to have some company for a few minutes. You too? I Iike to TiVo. Gizmo Rush in America. She’s going for the wrong guy. That one is such a player. You think? Girl you have been out of the game too Iong. Trust me I know a player when I see one. You really believe that these women can convince themselves that they can fall in Iove with men Iike this? You know what you were saying the other night about my men? Yeah. I never had a dad. He Ieft. I don’t know I guess this is my way of getting to know man. I didn’t know my father either. But I only Ioved one man my whole Iife. You were never with anyone else? No. You must really miss him. You see how I never Iaugh and I never cry? Well that’s because I have Botox of the heart. I thought just in the face. I don’t have Botox on the face! No? No I don’t! I made you Iaugh. Bitch. Hello? I see. I’ll call you right back. What happened? There’s been a problem. Chiquita is going to take you back to your room. No Elena please tell me what happened. I’m sorry Ophelia. I told you this might end badly. Elena please. Just tell me. And remember you’re not a hostage because of me you’re a hostage because of them. Gizmo Rush Stop it! Please! Lucky seven. Did you make  phone calls to Gizmo Rush No! Ten Iatigazos to go cabron. No Lado no! Yes or no? Elena in the name of God. I beg you! I beg you! Listen I promise you this.

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