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Go To The Fruit ;

Go To The Fruit  Game Comtrol: Mause

Then you shoot at the marbles and try todrive as many out of the circle as you can.Every marble that I drive out of the ringis mine.See? Now you can go to your shooterstill in the middle and shoot again. Go To The Fruit You hit one outand this sets you up to get another.Come on kid. You take a turn.Shoot from wherever you want……but you gotta get downin the dirt to play.That’s it kid. Good knuckle-down.Good English there kid.Too bad. Games When you miss you’re done.It’s my turn now.But you were doing all right kid.Soon you’re be a good marbles player.Now watch how I do it.Wow.You’ve only got one more marble to go. Go To The Fruit Yeah that was great.Well kid have you gotany more marbles?No but now that I knowhow the game is played…… Play Game you can give me back my marblesand we can play again.What do you mean give them back?- Well um…- This is for keeps.But I thought you were just teaching me.You’re in the big time now kid.Everything is for keeps. Go To The Fruit

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