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Governor of Poker 2 ;

Governor of Poker 2, Play Governor of Poker 2 , Online Governor of Poker 2 Game
Governor of Poker 2 is a sequel to the game Governor of Poker. Now with improved AI and the possibility to buy a new hat. Win the games and get more respect.

What do you mean?I think there’s stuffyou’re not telling me Carter.There are a lot of thingsI’m not telling.- Your girlfriend came by the other day Governor of Poker 2.- So?So she told me that the two of youmade grand…on a real-estate deal like this.She didn’t see any of it.She’s mistaken.She’s a useless bitch anyway.She didn’t have to do anything.I had the whole thing wired.Listen to me and listen to me carefullyokay? This is my business…and I’m very good at it Greg.- Yeah? How come we’re getting evictedso soon?- You said that wasn’t gonna happen.- Not an issue.I told you from the get-gothere was gonna be risks involved…and you have to be flexible!- Yeah well don’t bullshit me Carter.I just want you to knowthat I know…if you cut me out…- What?- Just don’t do it!- Or what? Or what?Drake?Drake!- Drake?- What?Oh God.I almost ran overthat guy from downstairs.I thought maybe you’d gottenin a fight with him.They’ve got our cat down thereand they’re breeding roaches.Apparently screwing people overis just a job to them.What are you talking about?Isn’t that the best?I mean our life is coming apart…and this son of a bitch just thinksit’s business as usual. Governor of Poker 2

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