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GTO Drift, Play GTO Drift Game, Flash GTO Drift Games, 14 tortuous tracks wait for you and your drift sport car. Bypass the bends, upgrade car, collect stars and win!

That’s what we’re going to do [ALL SCATTING] GTO Drift No more frown We’re moving down the road now Keep that metal pedal to the floor We haven’t got a clue Where we’re headed to ALL But it’s somewhere That we’ve never been before game & GTO Drift Cruising down the highway Free without a care It feels bizarre because There are no werewolves anywhere Don’t want no dragons or freaks And no crazy evil sprites I don’t want no phantom that shrieks Haunting us every night I don’t want no ComicCon geeks Walking up out of the blue flash game Dressed like bats and fool rats Chasing me down and saying “How do you do?” Enter Lift your hand up high Let it wave goodbye To them gremlins and monsters galore Tell them all we’re gone ‘Cause we’re moving on And we ain’t coming back any more. [ALL SCATTING] Hey look our destination. See? Show tunes really do help pass the time. GTO Drift “Petit Chauve Sourie Ville”? Ooh. [DAPHNE SPEAKS IN FRENCH] Like it sounds monsterfree to me. Hohum! Yeah up top. What does the French translate to? Oh it means ‘Little Bat Town’. Uhoh. Not to worry GTO Drift. Game promised us this place would be ghost ghoul and goblinfree. What? Whoa! Hey I’m stalking here! I’m stalking here! She didn’t say anything about vampires. Didn’t I? [DAPHNE CHUCKLES] Mm must’ve slipped my mind. [BOTH WHIMPER] GTO Drift you can come out. It was just a kid in a costume. Like you sure? Absolutely. He’s probably just here for the vampire festival. BOTH Oh. Vampire festival? Game Yup Vampire Palooza. You brought us to a vampire convention? To relax? Not a vampire convention. It’s a celebration of all things vampiric. Cool. And what better place to experience it than Little Bat Town. Ooh! Vampires are so romantic. Have you read Silverlight? Twelve times. I’m hoping the author will be here to sign it. Are we missing something here? Like what’s so romantic about undead creatures who sleep in coffins… …prowl the night in search of victims steal their blood… GTO Drift

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