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.   It’s my fault, my fault. Don’t ever do that again. Sorry, I’m really sorry. It’s okay, it’s okay. Let’s not live like this. The world is so big, yet there’s only the two of us. Let’s stop hurting each other like this. And… you should also forget about that person. Not to forget about him forever, but until the day we meet again. You can do it, right? Now you are my only family. But just stay alive, staying alive is better. Mom. From now on, no matter how angry BoRa is, or throws a temper, I’ll take it. BoRa is too pitiful. Yeah, yeah. BoRa must have been so lonely and sad to have done such a thing. At least we should be good to her. Come here and taste this. BoRa, you’re up already? Was it you who put that lily in the glass of water? Oh, that, I did that! I did well, right? It’s quite good, but, Park DeukNam, I said not to touch my things! And what’s that clip in your hair? This, this thing? You gave me this to me last time. You’ve heard that saying, pearls on a pig’s neck, right? For you to wear it and look oldfashioned, it’d be better to throw it out in the trash can. Auntie, I’m not eating breakfast. You, you! Mom Cancel everything I’ve just said. I can’t be nice to her. Bad girl. What? Pearls on a pig’s neck? Ah, my blood pressure! But I think it’s better that way. It’s more like BoRa that way. Hey, come here, taste this. Oppa. Oppa! Avoid him! Get out, out! Jab, Jab! Left foot first! Why are you being hit so many times? Hey! Are you the coach or am I the coach? Also, DongPil is practising, why are you screaming at DeukGu? Is DeukGu entering the competition? If you have nothing to do, go and buy some drinks. Quickly! What’s the matter? Is Han DeukGu inside? You don’t even know me, why are you so rude? Hey Why are you looking for my oppa? So that means he’s inside. Driver Yoon. Yes. Bring everything inside. Yes.  Come on, let’s go in.  Okay. Ah, that… snob! Ah, I should just… What is this? Oh, apples. Full of vitamins. Hey, take these to my room. I heard this is what athletes like when you buy them food. So I brought some meat and apples. If it’s not enough, tell me, I’ll send more.

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