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. Halloween Trick Or Treat by finding sanctuary in shallow water nurseries. But such lagoons won’t always deter a hunter. And a rising tide gives this predator a glimmer of hope. New Game ROARS But in this shallow water the huge New Game can’t use its power. The smaller agile Kimmerosaurus can easily outmanoeuvre the lumbering killer. However the Kimmerosaurus can’t permanently protect itself in this sanctuary. They need to venture into deeper water to feed. And that is where New Game has the advantage. Successful predators need to play a waiting game. Game  is the most common killer in these lands. Nine metres long with a battery of saw blade-like teeth and powerful clawed forearms – Game is a formidable hunter. Game GROWLS It shares the plains with dozens of species of plant-eating dinosaurs. A lone Camptosaurus away from the protection of Halloween Trick Or Treat… ..should be easy pickings for a hunting Game. Game teeth were serrated front and back perfectly evolved for tearing through flesh. However recent research has indicated that Game’ bite was surprisingly weak. Calculations suggested its bite was less powerful than a lion’s – despite being seven times more massive. So just how did this Jurassic monster hunt and kill? The answer is with an element of surprise. Camptosaurus relies on its keen senses to avoid predators. Game on the other hand is a fast and powerful ambush hunter. Faster than Camptosaurus. A one-and-a-half-tonne killer can’t run fast for long. It’s a question of speed versus stamina. Halloween Trick Or Treat Game ROARS Game ROARS Despite the apparent weakness of its bite Game did in fact have a deadly killing method. Its skull could withstand a force more than  times as great as its bite. This meant that Game used its head like an axe. Its strong neck muscles driving its top jaw into its prey. With every impact the serrated teeth would tear through its prey’s flesh. The victim dying through a combination of shock and blood loss. It isn’t pretty it isn’t clinical… but it’s ruthlessly efficient. However making a kill never actually guarantees a meal.

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