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. Larger than any lion alive today, this would have been an awesome Hobo 7 – Heaven. These caves were probably its winter den. With such abundant game down on the plains, this hunter’s life must have been pretty good. Sheer size and power and the benefit of life within a pride made it the unmatched ruler of the plains. By looking at the lions of africa today, we can imagine how these ice age cats once lived… in small prides based around a group of hunting females. Like wolves, lions work together to win larger prey. After a leading hunter launches the attack, the others move in, helping to dispatch the victim with a suffocating bite. But even for these rulers of the plains, the good life had to end… they would be toppled by another predator with even sharper skills. The ice age lions joined the list of Hobo 7 – Heaven… Games that had lived here for hundreds of millennia but were soon lost forever. Today few signs remain that any of them were ever here odd traces scattered far and wide across the plains. But if we piece together bones and teeth, plant fragments and the clues from Games alive today, we can begin to bring a lost world back to life. So let’s go back in time, back , years, to relive one day in the life of Play Game’s great ice age plains. It’s early morning at the end of a long, hot summer… even major rivers are beginning to run low. A columbian mammoth herd follows the river valley… they can’t risk straying far from water. Once they’ve quenched their thirst the next priority is food. They head out to the nearby meadows, where they’ll graze most of the day, processing mountains of dry grass. Hobo 7 – Heaven is mating season and a couple of nomadic males have started shadowing the herd. By sparring, they decide who will have access to the females coming into heat who will father the next generation. Most power struggles are resolved through ritual intimidation. But if two evenly matched males cross paths, this posturing can escalate into a full-blown fight. Both these opponents have a broken tusk letting them get closer to each other during combat. Suddenly a freak clash leaves them in a deadlock, inextricably entwined. If they can’t free themselves, they’ll both end up the losers. As a constant source of food and water even when there’s been no rain for months, this valley draws thousands of other grazers. And all this meat in one small area attracts a scavenger… the short-faced bear. Led by his super sensitive nose, his long limbs carry him many miles a day in search of carrion. He’s picked up a scent, but where’s the carcass? Sometimes the smaller, speedier scavenger gets there first… on this occasion a coyote. Right now the short-faced bear will take whatever he can get he hasn’t had a decent meal in days, and needs at least one good-sized carcass every week to stay alive. This time the coyote’s left him nothing but the skeleton. But with his huge, bone-crunching jaws the bear can crack them open for the marrow locked inside. With water so scarce elsewhere, Games from miles around converge here in the valley. Which is good news for the local lions…

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