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Home Sheep Home Help Shaun, Timmy and Shirley work together to get home safely to the barn. Use each sheep’s unique abilities to overcome obstacles along the way! Use the arrow keys to move and jump and number keys (1,2,3) to select your sheep!

You really should be more careful on how you do things What do you mean? You just got to protect yourself That’s all I’m saying, all right? What’re we doing down here? That guy… Games he’s stalking me! He’s pretty cute! Let him stalk you CoCo! Remember the rules, the rules! Okay, okay So… Home Sheep Home what do we do now? Go out there But don’t tell him I’m here Why aren’t you here? Tell him I’m sick! You’re sick? Tell him I died! You died! I’ve never seen you this nervous before Do you like him? Are you crazy! He… He’s a loser, punk a gorgeous asshole! And you! You’re so beautifull… Home Sheep Home go out and seduce him and he’ll be drooling all over you like a pervert! Go! Seduce him!  But how do I do that?  Like this! Oh God, look at those boobs!  Now go get him you sexy kitty! What you like and how you like it And I’ll do my best. To make you satisfied . Sorry, I spilt some coffee on it . Games That’s kind of a big difference in the medical world Tell him I have a disease! Can you tell me what kind of disease? Show people he’s a slob on the inside Home Sheep Home

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