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i Stunt 2 ;

i Stunt 2

You swept me off my feet.I’m being carried away.I’m safe.Safe in your arms darling. Safe.He’s here.The spaceman I saw him.A guy could get murdered.-It’ll be you if you don’t let me sleep.- i Stunt 2 Moe please. Come on. I’ll show you.Come on right in here.I know it happened right over here.I’ll show you. Right there.The claw came through there.It looked just like a can opener.Then it pulled the chain like thatand then it went back in the wall…- i Stunt 2 …and this covered the hole.-Hole The hole is in your head.Why can’t you be like Larrysleeping like a babyMove over Larry and let Joe in.Move over  game I said!Now any more trouble out of you andI’ll give you something to yap about.Look!Gotcha!Hey I got him Moe. Play game A tourist from Mars.Yeah sure with a cardfrom the Diners Club.Hey lift him up.I’ll look for a rope.-Hey Moe it’s the butler!-It’s always the butler.Here comes another one.Hey wait. Hey it’s Larry.You’re all right games .It was only a blow on the head.Oh my what happened That’s him that’s the fellowwho tried to steal my plans!No he’s innocent.It was the butler. i Stunt 2

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