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.  Icy Gifts 2 But there was one more killer working these canyons  the most notorious of all ice age assassins  most of what we know about this hunter comes not from caves, but from a very different source  natural tar pits. A single tar pit has been found with over , skeletons  of sabre-toothed cats. By studying the skeletons pulled from these pits, we can piece together how the Icy Gifts 2 lived and died. These cats were hugely powerful  similar in size to african lions today, but heavier and densely muscled weighing  kilos or more. All this and then the terrifying canine teeth, which gave the cats their name. Icy Gifts 2 A tiny bone found in the throat suggests the sabre-tooth could roar  and so perhaps communicate with its neighbours  other bones tell other stories  many show some kind of injury  including broken teeth   smashed legs   and dislocated hips  nothing unusual in animals that wrestled heavy prey. But what is amazing is that these bones often show signs of healing meaning the cats lived on for months or years, even when permanently crippled. But if they couldn’t hunt, how did they stay alive? Some scientists believe that sabre-tooths were social animals and healthy members of the group supported weaker relatives. But on the other hand, they may have simply used their terrifying looks to scare smaller hunters wolves for example away from their kills. At the end of the last ice age, more sophisticated hunters started to arrive. They were about to change the hierarchy of the canyonlands forever. Following the rivers, feeding on whatever big game crossed their path, their small bands quickly spread across the entire region. From the moment these hunters set foot here, many ice age creatures started to decline and became destined for extinction. But they left a trail of hidden clues throughout the caves and canyons of the desert,  and each one helps us build a clearer picture of the past. And if we can fit these fragments back together, we can bring a lost world back to life. Combining all this evidence, we can now go back , years and recreate a day in the life of north america’s ice age canyonlands  the sun breaks over the rim of the canyons and begins to warm the cool night air  an early riser lumbers through the valley, and in the marshes along the river, roosting cranes begin to stir  the winter’s almost over, they will soon be leaving for the long flight north to breed. Others have already stumbled upon breakfast it’s a bison carcass but no meal comes easy  it takes all the wolves’ teamwork to extract it from the mud  and even then it’s unlikely to feed the whole pack. High above, a solitary hunter leaves her cliff-top den  from here she can survey her vast range she hasn’t eaten for a few days and she may have many miles to go to find a meal. Signs of life, but out of even her league  columbia mammoths graze the high plateau. Other members of the herd are still emerging from their night-time shelter in a large cave. For these ten-tonne giants, it’s a struggle to survive. This canyon with its sparse vegetation won’t support their massive appetites for long. They’ll have to move on in a few days’ time. The sabre-tooth starts to move down through the gullies to the flats around the river, Icy Gifts 2 where she knows there will be far more prey  another big cat has the same thing on its mind   she too sets off towards the river   but her path is blocked. Even a mountain lion doesn’t have the power or the weapons to compete with sabre-tooths  better to take the long way round. With the sabre-tooth on her way down, the cliff-tops are a safer place. By managing to scrape a living up here, bighorn sheep avoid the dangers of the open valley floor. But even they need water every now and then, and have to scramble down to reach the river. Some members of the mammoth herd come down to drink before they start the daily grazing marathon  once in the meadows, they mingle with horses and wild asses  camels and bison  all drawn by the spring flush of new Icy Gifts 2, flowering plants and sprouting bushes. The shasta ground sloth waits until the morning chill has gone before he ventures out.

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