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.  Made it easy to grab the tag I wanted… The kid noticed I was there… I’ve failed… Man, that was boring. Wonder what Gon’s doing. EyecatchE,Caption Hunter Vocabulary EyecatchE,Caption Too Bad Six days have passed. Only one day left… It’s been four days since Nwe ran into Hisoka. And we haven’t seen anyone else. Wanna head back to the starting point? It’s possible that people have Nalready finished. No, we won’t find anyone there. This phase is unique because you have a chance to recover Nyour tag if you lose it. On the other hand, you might have six points Nin tags right now. But that doesn’t guarantee you’ll have Nthem when the phase ends. You can’t finish it early. I see. But it’s worth a shot. Only one day remains. People who already have six points will be inclined to wait near the goal. I would do the same. Okay, let’s go. Well? Anyone there? No… No one that can be easily spotted. Damn… Perhaps we should split up to search, after we decide on a time and Nplace to reconvene. It’ll go faster with three people. Default,Both Gon! I guess we all had the same idea. I’ve been watching from up above, Nand a number of people are nearby. Really? I see… We should search from above. That won’t work. It’s only possible if you have eyes Nas sharp as Gon’s. Gon. Huh? Do you have the tags you need? Yeah, I guess… Damn, so I’m the only one Nwithout enough points. Who’s your target?  a woman named Ponzu. I heard that she uses chemical weapons. Gon, did you see any women Nwhen you were up there? Nope. I see. We can assume that there Nare four possibilities. She’s in good shape, Nand she still has her tag. She’s in good shape, Nbut she’s lost her tag. She’s out of action, Nbut she still has her tag. She’s out of action, Nand she doesn’t have her tag. Is it really likely that she’d still have her tag Nif she’s out of action? If she were caught in a sudden accident, or if she were defeated after Nhiding the tag. If she died after concealing her tag, we won’t be able to find it. Sounding grimmer by the second. Hey, do you know anything Nelse about Ponzu? Does she wear a special perfume, like Online Radio with his cologne? Oh, that’s right. Gon can follow her scent! But she might not wear perfume. He can smell the chemicals she uses. She’s known for using drugs, right? Some of them must have strong scents. Well, Gon? Okay, I’ll give it a shot.

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