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Jewel Quest Online captures all the fun of the Download version right in your web browser! Offering a simplified version of the original hit download game, Jewel QuestOnline gives you hours of great gameplay free! In Jewel Quest Online, uncover the ancient Mayan treasures in a one of a kind match 3 puzzle adventure that will take your breath away!

My new co-worker here’s a watermelon. Jewel Quest My watermelons are crispy and sweet! Such a dumb gift. Good morning! Good morning! You first! You first! Ladies first. Trying to be a gentleman? Always! MATW check. Normal. Honey fancy a chocolate? I’ve only got one right? You might regret it. Don’t want it fine I’ll enjoy it! Where is it? My choco… choco? Wait…! Hold it in…! Game Take a deep breath! Think about something else… Say…! Feeling any better? Okay! I swallowed it. Oh no… you swallowed it?! I told you one in five astronauts would have a reaction. You’re that “one”. It’s …. Jewel Quest You can’t keep throwing up. – Let me give you a shot! No! Just relax okay? If I take the injection it’ll be reported. Games How will I ever return to space after this mission? If you keep throwing up you’ll become dehydrated! I’ll report that I experienced the reaction,  and that I took the injection. It will be fine.  I threw up on my last trip, it’s no big deal. Play Why are you covering for me? Who cares if you’re the first choice or the backup?

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