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Mario Drift ;

Mario has hit the streets with a great new style of driving, why go around corners forwards when you can go sideways in this awesome new drifting Mario game.

Mario Drift They want justice. – need me. – Where is his duty to do. You go after a man. You will kill him. not kill Wyatt. Sorry. If you are… can not promise that I’ll be here when you return . So it was the home of Kelly. Maybe if I were not so stubborn… know a feeling like this only happens once in a lifetime… if you’re lucky. Mario Drift showed me that. is something amazing when someone we love so much… Game Play with your whole being… heart and soul. There is a part of me that thought that if I had embraced… and had been with her that night instead of going after a fugitive… hoping she would forgive me maybe we were still together. Maybe you would not be here hear me tell this story. – I think it would not be here. – You made a choice. We can not change our choices suppose. Well you tell me Mr. Taylor. was fate or chance… we take our loved ones? I do not know. Where is my choice in all this? None of us can change the past… suppose. I think that’s true. Susie. You seem to know what happened there. Some things I learned later. Some I discovered. When you finally was behind it? When it was still dark gathered our things. We left very early. Forty-eight hours passed quickly. I did not care about the rest but the horses needed. So I’m riding and I ten people behind me. There are arrows flying. I stand on my horse… turn the stirrup my gun bag… No never had a problem with a native after that Connie. This was an incredible story right Dad? – was amazing. – It’s a true story son. I have to do some things in Ford County. I can take you to the online game. Yeah that would be good Ed was a great breakfast ma’am. ate enough? know Ed I would get some oats for my horse before you go. Want to show to Mr. Jim where oats? course. Here Mr. Jim. – Good boy. – Thank you friend. – Where do we go? – To the bottom of the corral. Well you take me. Jim is a good person huh? Jim. Good person. – Can I help you with something? – No. I’m fine. You seem happy to wait a little brother . I think so. I HE Let me tell you something. There is nothing better than family. People come and go can not trust them. But family is forever. I have a little brother. We rely no matter what. Nobody else will do it for you. Never forget that. Flash Game Whether you handle? Can I? I have a better idea. This is yours. my gift to you. Well keep it well you see? Nobody will know who has it. When you need to protect or someone who loves is ready. mean? Here is . Hey! are charged. IHE Let me show you how to shoot. Have you ever shot? Well… put your gun here. Point where you want the bullet hits. can not go with him. I will ensure that it is far away. And then look for the sheriff. But until then do not say a word. mire Now there right in the middle. Okay? Go ahead. Let . was a great shot. It was fun was not ? Let’s do it again. Connie What are you doing? Stop! Are you okay? You should not play with guns. know you should not play with guns. Go into the house. I was just teaching some things to the boy Ed I teach everything he needs to know. need to go. I have much to do. I’m ready. Heatwave Racing is where we parted. Thank you for your hospitality Ed And his beautiful wife. If you go back some day I IHE bush. Wyatt. Hey play game need you to pick a number between one and ten not want to choose it for you. I can not choose the fate of another man. So what will it be? Okay. One two… Game Enter? Why nine? My son is nine years. Connie is a good kid. Mario Drift

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