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. Mechanic Tom Sorry you lost the election. I bet you would have made a fine comptroller. Oh, hey. Come on in. Oh, I can’t. My dad’s really in a hurry. Oh, wow. He is in a hurry. Well, sit down. I was just getting ready to sing a song to the troops. Oh. Great. After our little incident today, I think it’s time we remind ourselves about boundaries. So everybody pay attention. Rusty. *Sometimes things can make you sad Sometimes things can make you mad You might be feeling mangy Or your diapers might need changing Or your diaper might need changing* *I don’t know* *But whatever it is that’s* *got you grumpy A thorn in your paw * *or a great big dumpy You need to stay calm * *and follow my golden rule Don’t bite* *Don’t bite* *I know it’s your way of protection* *But bites can lead to infection* *In come cases, it’s a form of affection…* *But don’t bite. *. What the hell is that? Can’t get her to quit. She burns me every time I bring it up, so I built her a bubble. It’s loosely based on the plans that cousin Mike had when he was trying to invent the walkin bong. And technically, as long as she stays in here, there’s no smoke in the house. So you have to quit. No, I don’t. She gets a bubble, I want a bubble. Hello. Look who was nice enough to give me a ride home. Hi, I’m Mechanic Tom. Games and I hooked up a while back. Just some kissing and heavy petting. Nice to meet you. Well, thanks for the ride. I should probably get Hope to bed. I’ll do it. I got her to take a nap today, no problem. Then maybe then we can go rent a movie. Who wants to go to Sleepytown? You want to go to Sleepytown, don’t you? Okay, my fuzzy bunny, okay. Did you see that? She smiled. Hope smiled at her. Maybe your baby’s not a bitch. Well, you’re stuck with your deadtooth little girlfriend now. Not only is it free day care, she’s the only person your kid likes. What’s going on in there? That is a bit of a design flaw. Hold your breath, Maw Maw. Help’s on the way. Oh, uh, we can’t go to this register. It’s  items or less. We’ve got movie rental and a box of brownie mix. I’m not done shopping. Let’s go. Don’t worry. It’s my cousin. She won’t care.  Hey.  What up there, Paul?  Baby guy.  Jimmy. Jimmy. Look at you two hanging out. Yeah, well, she’s watching Hope now, so… Two years ago at a party, we got about threequarters of the way between second and third base, and now we’re practically raising a baby together. Get a room, us! Not me. So not me. This is wild. Yep, it’s pretty wild, but we’re probably gonna take it kind of slow. Oh, condoms! I forgot condoms. Sorry. I had no idea that you hooked up with my cousin. Seems like I’ve put you in a bad situation. No, it’s fine. Really? ‘Cause you kind of have this kidnappedvictim look in your eyes, like maybe you should be holding a copy of today’s newspaper. No, it’s cool. I mean, I don’t know. It’s, um, not…It’s okay. She’s cool. She’s not charging me for day care, so, so that’s good. pack! Purple, slim fit. Help me. Oh, man, Deuce Bigelow European Mechanic Tom. I’ve been dying to see this movie. You know, I’m off soon. Would you guys care for some company?

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